Bulldog by Michael Medrano
Tattoo Of Bobby by Hillary Greene-Pae
1 Smile by Keith Broadhurst
Untitled 011 by Alan Hans
Old Bridge by David Ruderman
Four Worlds by Jeff Wiles
Black Diamond by Jean Wibbens
Looking Back by David L. Robertson
Rita Jean by Diane Norman
Blue in the Sun by Steve Zmak
Policia by Michael Borg
Officers Puello and Lee by Cintia Malhotra
SideB 3 by Philippa  Stannard
Brutus and Caesar at the Met by William Bullard
International; Contemplating by Olya Gary
Hi Mom! by Jerry Grasso
Reminiscence 7 by Rachel Seoyeon Lee
Shut In by Mary F. Ruppert
The Magical Power by Kwa Wei Ling
2  Dick Gregory 2013 by Alvin Reiner
Man with Hand on Cheek by Jack Feder
Village Woman by Vira M. Sivachuk
90 Years by Diane Norman
Quiet Moment by Beverly LaRock
Apartment #8 by Hillary Greene-Pae
Killbear 09 by Malcolm Sinclair Lobban
Woman and horse by Marc Nolin
People and the City #3-2 by Dae Won Park mp21park@naver.com
Untitled 5 by Anne De Geer
Seaside Serenade by Jeff Wiles
Soothing His Soul by Marshall Gould
A Prudent Conscience by Nino Oliastro
Mime by Jack Weingarten
Play Misty For Me by Chester Ng
Preparing for the Final Act by Ronaldo Pichardo
Home for the Aged by Ric Savid
Elephant and Handler by Beatriz Martinez
Resting by Taiwik David Chui
Cafe Girl by Michael Scott Pollak
Dejection by Isabel-Karl Herunter
Simple Pleasure by Steve Johnson
Window by Jackson Nichols
Day of the Dead by Tyler Vance
Finding Kunta Kinte by Julian Martinez-Escobar
Odin by Lars Runar
Facets of a Lady by Sara Szpektor
Trinidad Men by Joseph Lech
One Eyed Look by Jos V. Desmedt
Untitled 5 by Anne De Geer
Paduang Woman by Victoria Ruderman