Spectacles by Vaughn Arthur
Fashion Statement by Lee Grossman
Lost in Thought by David L. Robertson
Self-Portrait by Steven Greenbaum
Man in the Mist by Thomas J. Conroy
Meditating Monk by Doug Steakley
Backseat Gaze by Brian Alan Brose
Sacred Valley by Linda Hollinger
Friendship by Carlos Abraham
I am Hungry by William Acosta
Diaphonous Love by Lance Pressl
11 Otis Festival by Alvin Reiner
Construction worker by Brittain McJunkin
Joaquin by Ron Cooper
Man in Doorway by Sundari Narayan Swami
Making Coffee by Beverly Conley
Cuban Nights 8 by Michael Greig
Trish at Leota by Lee Sowle
Doriscita by Jean-Pierre Tibi
Shadows by Joan Malina
Providers - Careful Tally by Elizabeth Craven
Furrowed by Diane Norman
Prosciutto by Nathan Caplan
Just Out by CJ Pressma
El Hombre de España by Patrick Binns
6 Dalene by Alvin Reiner
Untitled 3 by Anne De Geer
Portrait4 by Josep Maria Orengo Martinez
Thirsty by Trygve Kroepelien
Naked Cowboy by Jack Weingarten
Mother by Saman Majd
Mudmen Dancers Resting without Their Masks by Elaine Jones Heron
The Boatman by Ron Cooper
Tobacco farmer by Rick Chertoff