Caring Hands of a Country Vet by Tom Zsolt
Discussion by Michael Brown
Semana Santa 1 by Ron Cooper
Rosa Parks by Mickey Adair
Young Girl by Robert Woodward
Out of the Void by Richard Batch
Tara Caballero BoxingBeauty Portrait 4 by David Nienow
Flower Girls by Tyler Vance
Behind the Mask by Camille Madeline Coffin
Miami Heat by David Cohen
Margaret by Mark Greenland
What Little You Show by David Stewart Klein
Kitchen in Maras by Linda Hollinger
Fruits by Carin Leong
Innovation by Gwen Solomon
Fresh Octopus by Bryan W. Flynn
Santa Fe Woman by Makayla Roark
Olav longs for home by Knut Hovind
Spidey Takes a Break by Bruce B. Barshop
Untitled 7 by Kenneth Evans
Mom's Big Chair 3 by Joseph Lech
Faces of Astoria 7 by Sam Blair
Nod by Scott Hoyle
A Prudent Conscience by Nino Oliastro
Lovers 10 by Gilbert Maker
Man with Cigarette by Jack Weingarten
Wigman by Elaine Heron
Man-1 by Doug Testa
Processionne dei Misteri by William Bullard
The Sculptor by Lars Runar
Elephant Caretakers #12 by Bill Livingston
The Silhouettes by Antonia Pieczonka
The Scream by 120 Hal Kahn
Howard by Gary Koenig
Happy in Books by Scott Fowler
Untitled 19 by Alan Hans
The Athenian.  Lauren Michelle Custer by Edward Dose by Edward Dose
Old Woman by Abigail Gossage
Smile by Hillary Greene-Pae
Rabbi Walking by Lloyd Segal
Gary and Yvonne by Richard Schick
12 by Mikael Carstanjen
Passerby by Douwe Dijkstra
Coney Island #3 by Myron Slabaugh
Photoshot by Helena Stjernberg
Funicular by William Bullard
Old Man on Mountain by Perry McNeal
The Priest by Hillary Greene-Pae
WomanWithScarf by Olivia Marone
Freedom of Speech by David Lancaster