Pigeon Man by William M. Grace
Civil War Reenactor by William R. West, Jr.
Gay Pride No.3 by Michael Medrano
Mystic Borders by Kirk Decker
Reflections by Dolores Smart
First Coffee by Sheila Bodine
Cityscapes 10 by Danilo De Rossi
Jeanine 5 by pp Susan Mah
I Think of the Years by James Pryor
Jeanine 3 by pp Susan Mah
I'd bet your parents are really proud of you by Donna Pinckley
Forbidden Time 07 by Sei Yeon Lee
Smoking by David Ruderman
Danielle by Vania Gabbay
Untitled 26 by Dennis Luckenbill
Old friends by Per Erik Langaanes
Native American 7 by Jennifer Green
The Crazy Woman by Michael Greig
Lovely by Ric Savid
Fearless Fighters by Richard Batch
TheHoodie 1 by Joseph Marranca
Playwright by Kirk Decker
Taylor No. 8 by David Robertson
The West by Tim Needham
Delivery Man by Nathan Caplan
Lorna by Diana Jex
If she can't use the comb by Donna Pinckley
Serious Antique Salesman by Hillary Greene-Pae
Sisters after Class by Shalini Adnani
Good Friday 2 by William Bullard
The Painted Man by Michael Greig
8 Eagle Festival by Tim Coy
The Feminine Presence -1 by Doug Testa
Self Portrait by Paris Carter
I'll Win the Lottery. Not You. by Keith Blandford
Smoker by David L. Robertson
I see you by Dwayne Daley
Shipyard #33 by Michael Frey
Self Portrait by A. David Wunsch
Danika by Joseph Marranca
New Job by Joan Malina
Doug in the Covered Bridge by Douglas K Mayhew
Good Friday 1 by William Bullard
On the Street in India-7 by Doug Testa
6 Girl With Lion and Dog at State Fair by Keith Broadhurst
Final Touches by Tyler Vance
Da Specials by Frank Merrem
Intense by Glenna Rosenberg
Lost Girl at Machine Yehuda by David Lancaster
Book Market by Jan Pieter van Voorst van Beest