28 degrees by Brian Peyton
Man with Long Pipe by Larry Snider
5 La Tropical by William Bullard
Hat-4 by Wesley Maye
Salvation by Jack Weingarten
Kicking Back by Bob Bader
Man with Beard by Larry Snider
Senior City 2 by Mike Spector
Westlake Mall by Michael Medrano
Dani Tribesman 3 by Ron Cooper
11 Shepherds at the Herdwick Auction 2 by William Bullard
Gravedigger by David A. Tucker II
No Exit by Ed Sancious
04-Autumn by Joshua Sarinana
Romina by Ric Savid
Gracious Consent - 7 by Doug Testa
Images of the Frontier by Tim Needham
Dude by Vaughn Arthur
Seattle Pride by Michael Medrano
Determined by Ken Dreyfack
Behind the Scene by Ana Koder
Breast Cancer (B2) by Linda Hale
Cris in Crisis by Kirk Decker
On the Street in India-9 by Doug Testa
Women March by Michael Medrano
Reading in the Evening Light by Harold Tearse
Folsom Street Fair by Fred Blum
Life on the Land Between the Lakes #9 by Al DaValle
01-Tomatoes by Linda Omelianchuk
WPA Bar by Roger P. Watts
The first car (1955) by Yves Harnois
Tracy - Buffalo Street Portrait Series by Edgar Praus
Mongolian Man by Gene Nemeth
Driver by Robi Chakraborty
Good Friday 6. Erice by William Bullard
Ford Mustang 1969 1 by Daria Troitskaia
Day is Done by Ken Sklute
Piri by Leonie Moreland
King Harald Hardrada by Gerald W. Shonkwiler
On the Street in India-2 by Doug Testa
Senior City 7 by Mike Spector
Lived by Anne T. Crans
Nick Young by Richard Karp
The Benches 3 by Bjorn Bjornson
Smiling Woman by Ira Serkes
Tom by Gary Koenig
Bell 47 2 by Daria Troitskaia
Konyak woman by Robi Chakraborty
Shopkeeper by Nathan Dean
Flo by Gary Koenig