Whiskers-1 by Doug Testa
Twins by Richard Karp
Hazel Project 7 by Don Menges
Selfie Time by Emanuel Dale
El Hombre by Patrick Binns
Tibetan nomad with prayer wheel by Ginger Chih
Saoirse Sinema Untitled 6 by David Nienow
Finding Art by Tony Williams
If This is Goodbye by James Pryor
And Singing Still by Ted Anderson
Cub Spiderman by Joan Malina
Man on the street by Abigail Gossage
Pretty Red Dress by Kirk Decker
The Magical Power by Kwa Wei Ling
Just the Two of Us by Ana Koder
Earrings by Michael Medrano
Tradition Keeper #12 by Ron Cooper
Haggling Over Local Drug of Choice by Roger Gaess
Native American 1 by Jennifer Green
Taylor No. 7 by David Robertson
Untitled 10 by Alan Hans
Armeniam Priest of Jerusalem by Michael Gora
Jean-Guy by Yves Harnois
The Rawleigh Man by Tom Zsolt
Untitled #6 by Alan Hans
Masks by Fred Blum
60s Box Set by Robert Galley
Jess & Josie by Nick Brewer
The first car (2016) by Yves Harnois
Young Warrior by Robert Woodward
Hat-3 by Wesley Maye
Generations by David L. Robertson
Jen Ambrose Portrait 7 by David Nienow
Tradition Keeper #4 by Ron Cooper
Taylor No. 1 by David Robertson
Window scenery 4 by Jürgen Grade
Noodling is a Method of Fishing by Hand by Beverly Conley
Lia Dugal The Shade Revealed Portrait 1 by David Nienow
Gay Pride No.6 by Michael Medrano
Practice Makes Perfect by Keith Blandford
Todd by Kirk Decker
Children's Playground by Candy Delaney
Street Performer by Harold Hellman
Hostler by Charles Burnam
On the Street in India-5 by Doug Testa
Portrait 2 by Lance Pressl
12 Susie Yazzie by Alvin Reiner
Untitled 3 by Michael Medrano
Untitled2 by Josep María Orengo
Animal Food 5 Cents by Candy Delaney