7  Freedom Barbershop by Louis Kravitz
Socks First by Vincent Frazzetta
Untitled 12 by Jack Cusano
Stephen Wayne Flood by Jeff Wiles
Human trafficking survivor Milele by Matilde Simas
A Man Of Faith by Jeffrey Weiser
La Senora by Harold Hellman
IDF Soldiers Looking At Cell Phone by Bob Neiman
Mr Costelli by Jan Pieter van Voorst van Beest
Whatsup by Aaron Marko
Coretta Scott King by Mickey Adair
Warrior by Daniel Ashe
Lucky Dog Man by Tyler Vance
Hazel Project 6 by Don Menges
Girl at the Bus Stop by Robert Guido
Femme 11 by Marc Ayers
Five Women by Marty Drapkin
Keeper of the Eight Ball by Oliver Klink
Dave by Gary Koenig
Rickshaw Driver by Paul Arnold Ford
Artist in Darkness by George R. Lewis
Jen Ambrose Portrait 9 by David Nienow
Proud by Zeus Corona
Ovarian Cancer (J2) by Linda Hale
Life on the Land Between the Lakes #5 by Al DaValle
The Butcher by Leonard Vincent Rode
The Painted Woman by Michael Greig
Child Joy by Lynne Mass
Images of the Frontier by Tim Needham
Garage Boy by Rebecca Moseman
4 David Goodman by Alvin Reiner
She I by Laura Eternod
Made U Look by Ellen Davis
Crimson Reign by Dan Dozer
Tradition Keeper #7 by Ron Cooper
Victoria by Ted Anderson
Grocery Shopper by Gwen Solomon
Just me by Zeus Corona
Rhino House Visit by Candy Delaney
Raghunath by Francesco Mastalia
Woman-1 by Doug Testa
Muhammad Ali by Mickey Adair
Myanmarese by Robi Chakraborty
Jen Ambrose Portrait 3 by David Nienow
Untitled 10 by Paul Italiano
Death Came by James Pryor
Untitled 1 by Jane Murphy
Woman-4 by Doug Testa
Man in Front of Duomo by Ric Savid
Kind by Mary Tuggle