Kibera 8 by Matilde Simas
Pride Parade by Don Conrad
The Temptress by Emanuel Dale
The Owner by Nathan Dean
Gay Pride No.7 by Michael Medrano
Guitars by Douglas Hall
Spiderman and Young Tourist by Jack Weingarten
Polaroid Meets the Past by William R. West, Jr.
Tibetan nomad family by Ginger Chih
Untitled 2 by Harold Hellman
Frank Sinatra by William West Jr.
Untitled 7 by Paul Italiano
Fright Fest Wait Line by Joan Malina
Portrait by Abigail Gossage
Information Interaction by Anton Panchenkov
Ned by Gary Koenig
Elmore - Buffalo Street Portrait Series by Edgar Praus
Emerland City Comic Con 5 by Michael Medrano
Alone by Steve Levinson
Traveler Mothers by Rebecca Moseman
Robin by Gary Koenig
Bicycle repair shop by Paul Smits
Fixated by Sherry Garay
Ava by David Robertson
7 In the Spotlight by William Bullard
The Mirror by Osamu Watanabe
Thoughtful Patient by Michael Borg
Villager by C.J. Pressma
Amanda by Ralph Henzler
Breast Cancer (S2) by Linda Hale
Untitled 8 by Kenneth C. Evans
Driven by Anomalous 3 by Charlie LeMay
Mother and Daughter by Michael Gora
Life on the Land Between the Lakes #1 by Al DaValle
BreaAnne by Joseph Marranca
Sunday Papers by Vincent Frazzetta
Four Women by Marty Drapkin
I think of the Years All Gone by James Pryor
Untitled 4 by Alan Hans
The Feminine Presence -8 by Doug Testa
Masks by Fred Blum
Biker Girls by John Knight
Mayor of Kobe at Pearl Princess Contest by Don Brown
Stylish Men by John Schum
Collene by Steve Levinson
Under Consideration by Stephen K. Hall
Chris Resting by Roger Spinti
Coolin' Off by James N. Vedder
Untitled 8 by Alan Hans
12-The Shaded Gardens of Bucharest by Margrieta Jeltema