Ladies with Strong Looking Hands by Don Brown
Behind Bars by Suzanne Schwartzman
Piano Player by Mark Taylor
Derby by Lance Pressl
Seattle Pride by Michael Medrano
You crack me  up by David Lancaster
Saoirse Sinema Untitled 12 by David Nienow
Waiters at Window by Jake Lambroza
Seattle Climate Strike 2 by Michael Medrano
The Notice by Robert Guido
Man and Picabia by Jake Lambroza
Car Girl by Rebecca Moseman
Masks by Fred Blum
Art Opening by Monte Gerlach
03 Untitled by Gary Johnson
Obispo Man by Joseph Lech
Potato Farmer by Ron Cooper
The Woman at the Salon by Leonard Vincent Rode
Posing for the Camera by Michael Medrano
Candomble Dance by Oliver Stegman
Women In Window by Bob Neiman
08 by Mikael Carstanjen
12-Tomás by Joshua Sarinana
Man-4 by Doug Testa
Vita by Bill Lund
Mask by Leonie Ceulemans
Andrea #5 by John Siskin
TC Portrait by Lance Pressl
Ocean Beach Boardwalk by Lisa Miller
Nick Park by Vania Gabbay
Doorway by Jon Meyer
Black & White City VIII by Jameson West
Samantha after Jean Harlow by Sherry Garay
Fedora by Gary Matson
Johnny White's Bar by Tyler Vance
Noodle Bool by Frank Merrem
Capital Hill by Michael Medrano
Rodeo Veteran by William West Jr.
Pigeon Man by Budd Parker
Lance by Richard Man
Tracy by Vania Gabbay
Untitled 6 by Alan Hans
Fresh Fish Inspection by Nathan Caplan
Poetic Cyclist by Ryan Cechini
Veteran Haircuts by Louis Kravitz
Serynne by Kirk Decker
Covering Up For The Rain by Scott Brock
Cody by Kirk Decker
Joel by Ralph Henzler
Images of the Frontier by Tim Needham