Old Friends #2 by Jake Lambroza
The Feminine Presence -6 by Doug Testa
Shiv Mirabito by Francesco Mastalia
6 Eagle Festival by Tim Coy
Reminiscent by Kate Sutton
Native American Pride I by Patrick Binns
06 Farm Fresh Produce #47 by Jurgen Dopatka
Tradition Keeper #8 by Ron Cooper
Through the Window by Bernard Werner
Rohingya by Robi Chakraborty
Generational by Raymond Burns
St. Patrick's Day 2 by Michael Medrano
Rainy Morning Amish Country by William West
Man 3 by Doug Testa
Enough is Enough by Scott Hoyle
There are days like this by Michael Merne
Penn Station Reverie by Robert Guido
Melvana Worshiper by Ira Serkes
Adams Ranch Hands by Wayne Thornbrough
Laughing Woman by Ric Savid
The Joker by Mike Eubanks
Miranda Cigarette 1 by Glenna Rosenberg
Man Sitting on a Crate by Jack Feder
Complicité by Yves Harnois
The Feminine Presence -4 by Doug Testa
Cigar Smoker by Ira Serkes
Cuban Guide by Bernard Werner
Woman 3 by Doug Testa
New Love by Layne Morgan
Solstice Parade by Michael Medrano
Graci by David Lancaster
Contemplating the Day by Sue Wright
Ngachurta by Mark Overgaard
Carmen with Pussy Willows by Sherry Garay
Lolita by David L. Robertson
Vulkan Paint Booth by Stewart Lewis
Shamema by Rick Singer
Untitled 2 by Roger Gaess
Dirty Zoe by Scott Fowler
Jan in Entryway by Tony Williams
BOSS by Aleksandr Ostrovskiy
Jannica by Ron Cooper
Faces of Astoria 2 by Sam Blair
Trastevere Family by John R. Pepper
Whiskers-3 by Doug Testa
Window scenery 12 by Jürgen Grade
Young Salt by Jeff Wiles
1 Bridal Train by Alvin Reiner
Jen Ambrose Portrait 12 by David Nienow
Delon Om by Joseph Marranca