Moon Chin Woman with Pipe by Doug Steakley
Ruth - Cremation Critic by David A. Tucker II
Zach by Kirk Decker
Religious Man by Joe Sack
Charmed Scarf by Leonie Moreland
Ice Cream Kisses by Hillary Greene-Pae
Kentucky Avenue Portrait by William West Jr.
In the Market by Jenny DeVine
Colleen at Home by Todd Darling
Untitled 7 by Anne De Geer. anne@annedegeer.com
Rain by Tiana Hunter
Girl on Picninc Bench by Vira M. Sivachuk
1 Otis Festival by Alvin Reiner
9 Eagle Hunter by Tim Coy
Untitled 6 by Jack Cusano
Program Seller by Beatriz Martinez
Melancholy 3 by David W. Love
Gospel and Bluegrass Musician by Beverly Conley
Elephant Caretakers #8 by Bill Livingston
Porter by Kip Harris
Ambiguity by Liliana Novati
Nathan by Kirk Decker
Nut Merchant Machane Yehuda Market by Bob Neiman
To Murano by Jan Pieter van Voorst van Beest
Untitled 7 by Walter Johnson
Seattle Pride No 6 by Michael Medrano
Images of the Frontier by Tim Needham
Street food vendor by Paul Smits
Man with Soup by Vira M. Sivachuk
Devotion 2 by Aaron Marko
Melancholy 4 by David W. Love
Peanut Studio 2 by Paul Arnold Ford
Untitled 4 by Alan Hans
Bus Rider with Umbrella by Scott Brock
Untitled 2 by Jane Murphy
Growing up by Jan Pieter van Voorst van Beest
10-Butcher by Linda Omelianchuk
Fish Vendor Machane Yehuda Market by Bob Neiman
No Driver by Charlie LeMay
1 Candlelight Vigil by William Bullard
Conversations by Jan Pieter van Voorst van Beest
Real bikes for real men by Michael Merne
Pacifica Pier 12 by Mitch Nelles
Down in the Dumps by William West Jr.
Two Lovers by Emanuel Dale
Untitled 09 by Alan Hans
Shooting Range by Conrad Pressma
Fancy Dancer by Daniel Ashe
Relaxing by Lynne Mass
Alec by Bill Lund