Lipstick Girl by Rebecca Moseman
Teapicker by Stephen K. Hall
Untitled 6 by Paul Italiano
Thomas by Ron Cooper
Folsom Street Fair by Fred Blum
Coney-3 by Alan Hans
Untitled 1 by Krzysztof Brzeski
Untitled 06 by Alan Hans
The Waiting Room by Ed Sancious
Good Friday 4 by William Bullard
Double Troubled by Leonie Moreland
Melanie by Judy Morris Dupont
Life on the Land Between the Lakes #7 by Al DaValle
An Ever-Fixed Mark by Ellen Davis
La Boheme by John R. Pepper
Joshua by Zeus Corona
Two Cubans by Joseph Lech
Syver with his cows by Per Erik Langaanes
Intense Selfie by Bernard Werner
Untitled 4 by Nathan Holden
Going Home by James Pryor
Nils Sletta by Arnfinn Johnsen
Heitch by Lynne Mass
Nankeen by Ralph Henzler
Waiting For My Love by Melinda Adams
Rowan by Dolores Smart
Wool 2 by Bob Kass
Innocence by Julia Covington
Waiting by Diane Norman
Lia Dugal The Shade Portrait 7 by David Nienow
Justin by Kirk Decker
Love by Zeus Corona
Les Deux Magots by Sheila Bodine
Dolls For Sale by Perry McNeal
She has Faith by Sonia Braga
Girl With Dog by Mitch Nelles
Lady in the sun by Alex Hoffmaister
Lia Dugal The Shade Portrait 4 by David Nienow
Kentucky International Crop Pickers by J. Michael Skaggs
Surgeon by John Sibold
Deb by Gary Koenig
Grooming a cat by Lars Runar
Gay Pride No.10 by Michael Medrano
Adams Wall 4 by Paul Arnold Ford
Britta by Brent Nicastro
The Night We Called it a Day by Jan Doyle
Self Portrait 3 by A. David Wunsch
Civil War Reenactor by Mikael Carstanjen
Oh My! by Gwen Solomon
Dheena by Mark Greenland