Desolate by Mary Tuggle
Ranch 04 by Tom Kirkendall
Steel Horses by Steve Eirschele
True Love by Glenna Rosenberg
Shelter by Carol Wontkowski
Slivers of Starlight by James Pryor
Late Lunch by Bob Bader
Gypsy 4 by Robi Chakraborty
Hooking In Ebbas Kitchen by Vincent Frazzetta
Uncertainty by Guy Llewellyn
Tradition Keeper #9 by Ron Cooper
Woodworker at Ease by Lynne Schafer
Long Shadows by Christine Federici
Are you there by Doug Testa
Mongolian Woman by Gene Nemeth
George Gibbs by Gene Dominique
Black and White by Fred Hobin
Connection by Wendy Hannum
Midwest American Gothic by Ellen G. Ingram
One hundred and five by David Storey
Eating corner by Paul Smits
Woman Plucking a Chicken by Beverly Conley
Burgers Up by Bob Bader
Creation by Matthew DeZee
Shadows by Robert Chrosciewicz
Gracious Consent - 8 by Doug Testa
Man-2 by Doug Testa
Transparency by Joan Malina
Untitled 6 by Anne De Geer
Woman with Milk Can by Ron Cooper
The Man Behind The Mask by Sorin Costache
Elis by Brandon Ralph
Sabrina With The White Chicken by Margrieta Jeltema
End of the Trail Drive by Tyler Vance
Cold One by Bruce B. Barshop
Courtney by Marty Drapkin
Charlotte by David Robertson
Shoe Check by Bob Bader
Evening Peace by Jean Wibbens
American Muslim by Michael Gora
Mother Looks On by Barry Rosof
Konyak Chief's wife knitting by Robi Chakraborty
Gunfight at the OK Corral Reeanctor by Dennis Walworth
Liser by Steve Scheuring
Waiting by Diane Norman
Jared by Justin Ciccarello
Cattleman by Kip Harris
Homeless by Perry McNeal
I am OK by Scott Fowler
Man reading by Jack Feder