Tamar by Kirk Decker
Smiling Women Carrying Milk by Roger Spinti
At Last Sight by Ellen Davis
Waiting by Steven Lucas
Thomas by the Pool by Doug Mayhew
Portrait6 by Josep Maria Orengo Martinez
David by Vania Gabbay
Cuba #2 by Scott Clarke
A Man and his Music by Jane Murphy
Eng Woman by Doug Steakley
Ra Chin Woman by Doug Steakley
International District by Michael Medrano
Friends by Per Erik Langaanes
Knaan by Vania Gabbay
12 Perneb's Tomb by William Bullard
Elena Brower by Francesco Mastalia
Zahra by Kirk Decker
10 Otis Festival by Alvin Reiner
Cup and Dance by Tyler Vance
Intensely Resistant by Nathan Dean
Finding Kunta Kinte 2 by Julian Martinez-Escobar
Clamoring Voice by James Pryor
Hauling Timber by Beverly Conley
Providers - Ready for Sale by Elizabeth Craven
Patriot by Rudolph Finamore
Not So Grave by Don Robert Kirk
The Bikers Arrive by Nathan Dean
The Glimpse by Ana Koder
Jeanine 6 by pp Susan Mah
06-Rodrigo by Joshua Sarinana
Cafe Restaurant by Sheila Bodine
Ticket Booth by Candy Delaney
Angela by Kirk Decker
Human trafficking survivors Pendo and Shirley by Matilde Simas