Trawlerman's Song by James Pryor
Helmet Hounds by Diane Michaud Lowry
La Petite Grocery Dinner Prep by Gene Dominique
Anna by Christine Federici
Card Reader by Mary Tuggle
Roma Mother with Child by Francine Meckler
Taxi Luis and Feet by Bjarne Holmgren
Ovarian Cancer (J1) by Linda Hale
05 by Mikael Carstanjen
Bedside vigil by Stephen K. Hall
Nigt at Reds by Bob Newman
Kentucky Avenue Portrait by William R. West, Jr.
Man with Tattoos by Laurie McGowan
Quiver by Jordan Gertsh
Oshun by Tiana Hunter
Whiskers-2 by Doug Testa
Lanten Woman by Ron Cooper
A Dog and His Man by Bob Baker
Marin Headlands by Bowman Leong
Street Life 5 by Cris Constantinescu
Mr. Ideal Subject by Stanley Olivera
Untitled #4 by Saman Majd
Grateful by Beamie Young
In Deep Thought by Perry McNeal
Untitled 01 by Alan Hans
The Artisans of Hakart by John Eaton
Forging Horseshoes by John Eaton
Louis Mendes by Cintia Malhotra
Caroline #3 by David L. Robertson
Elliott #4 by David L. Robertson
6 Irving Penn Centennial by William Bullard
White Supremacist Rally by Michael Medrano
6 Martha Swan by Alvin Reiner
Sara by Clint Saunders
Daniel by Abigail Gossage
11 Blues at JB Farm by Alvin Reiner
Man on the Bus by Michael Medrano
Village Girl by Lu  Zhang
Untitled 9 by Alan Hans
Remembering Old Joe by Sue Wright
Wonderlust by Diane Norman
Intense by Scott Fowler
Dave by Gary Koenig
Whisperer by Chester Ng
Tango Dancers 2 by Radu Gabriel Tanasescu
Traffic Stop by Bernard Werner
Santeria Moment by John Stritzinger
Bangkok Streets by Robert Chrosciewicz
Sharmila Desai by Francesco Mastalia
Abandoned But Not Forgotten by Candy Delaney