International; A Teenager by Olya Gary
Father's Day by Jane Therese
East Side Doormen-6 by Jessica Margo
SideB 8 by Philippa  Stannard
Victor Working by Jeffrey Weiser
Untitled 2 by Frans Jacob Krebs
Flower Girls With Coffee by Vincent Frazzetta
East Side Doormen-2 by Jessica Margo
Connection by Diane Michaud Lowry
Terry by Gary Koenig
Morning Coffee by Hillary Greene-Pae
Woman glaring through wine glass by Lloyd Segal
Just a Little Too Far by James Pryor
Coach by Brian Peyton
Rachael's Hat by Donald R. Eaton
Century Bridge by Mark Taylor
My purse and dog by Alex Hoffmaister
Manish by Ron Cooper
Storekeeper by Nathan Dean
Ranch 02 by Tom Kirkendall
Lost in the City 19 by Mendes de Almeida
Farm Mechanic by Gene Dominique
carnival girl by Wesley Maye
Lia Dugal The Shade Revealed Portrait 2 by David Nienow
The Look by William Acosta
Gentle Smile by Doug Testa
Till We Meet Again by Chester Ng
Aunt Pearlie Sue #2 by Stan Singer
Untitled 1 by KimLien Dang
Pandora by Francine Meckler
Grandma by Sin Woo Kim
October21177 by Leah Macdonald
The Laugh by Ron Cooper
Brothers by Kateryna Ilyuk
Yes by Sheila Bodine
Senior City 12 by Mike Spector
Lamar by Ron Cooper
Making Plywood by David L. Robertson
Untitled by Tiana Hunter
Untitled 12 by Nathan Holden
Just in the Middle by Ronaldo Pichardo
Dave F by Gary Koenig
Lady in black by Robert Galley
The Bride by Ric Savid
Dark Angel by Terrie Moeller
Reminiscence 2 by Rachel Seoyeon Lee
Mom's Big Chair by Joseph Lech
Potter by Donna Parker
Balloon Vendor by Vira Sivachuk
Dozing Off by Marjorie Gurd