Cabane by Marc Nolin
Mourning by Brittain McJunkin
6 Eagle Festival by Tim Coy
06 Farm Fresh Produce #47 by Jurgen Dopatka
Man 3 by Doug Testa
Adams Ranch Hands by Wayne Thornbrough
Miranda Cigarette 1 by Glenna Rosenberg
Man Sitting on a Crate by Jack Feder
Cuban Guide by Bernard Werner
Woman 3 by Doug Testa
Lolita by David L. Robertson
Young Salt by Jeff Wiles
Delon Om by Joseph Marranca
Miss Me by George Omorean
Don't Squeeze by Nathan Caplan
Still Reading Mao by Ron Cooper
Bird Watcher by William Acosta
Baker's Pride by Nathan Caplan
Watching the Show by Stan Singer
Untitled 6 by William Acosta
Behind the Smokescreen by Scott Fowler
West Bay Diner by Byron Annis
Regional Noodling Competition by Beverly Conley
Debris of the Soul by Ronaldo Pichardo
Rice Miller by Carin Leong
Teapicker by Stephen K. Hall
Thomas by Ron Cooper
Good Friday 4 by William Bullard
Melanie by Judy Morris Dupont
Heitch by Lynne Mass
Rowan by Dolores Smart
Wool 2 by Bob Kass
Waiting by Diane Norman
Les Deux Magots by Sheila Bodine