Nathan by Ron Cooper
Woman 2 by Doug Testa
Donny Villine by Beverly Conley
Gentle Pause by Charles Crain
Cuba #8 by Scott Clarke
Narcissus by William Acosta
Once Upon a Time by Carole Usdan
Untitled 3 by Frans Jacob Krebs
The Sunday Morning Paper by Nathan Dean
Outlasting my dwelling by Oliver Klink
White Hat by David L. Robertson
Man Under Stair by James N. Vedder
Skater by Michael Scott Pollak
Godfather by Jon Hooge
Alyx and Kelly by Richard Man
Eyes. Louisville by CJ Pressma
On the Bench by Beata Podwysocka
Farmer's End by Mark Greenland
Human trafficking survivor Tumaini by Matilde Simas
Man in Hat by Michael Medrano
At the Museum by Elizabeth Wilward
Feeding Time by Beverly Conley
Richard by Ron Cooper
Holocaust Memorial by Richard Morse
Breast Cancer (B1) by Linda Hale
Immigrant by Mary Rosevear McNeal
Cuba #1 by Scott Clarke
Memories by Steven Lucas
Distinguished by Vaughn Arthur
Mask in the Mirror by David L. Robertson
Verne by Gary Koenig
SideB 11 by Philippa  Stannard
The Ring by Tyler Vance
Joel 1 by Ron Cooper