Portrait1 by Josep Maria Orengo Martinez
Gay Pride No.2 by Michael Medrano
Butcher Waiting by Robi Chakraborty
Waiting for the Bus by Ron Cooper
Vodou Style by Kelvin A. Naar R.
Yes by Sheila Bodine
Pilgrim by Ron Cooper
Blow by Karen Commings
Virginia by Larry Gregory
Pondering the Meaning of Lunch by Michael Scott Pollak
Endless Chasm 1 by Mae Koo
Reflecting by Larry Colby
Samuel by William Santagata
Joy-Haircuts for the Homeless by Michael Scott Pollak
1945 by Kathy Conway
Entrance 516 by Bernard Werner
Heff Shenandoah by Linda Hollinger
Glacier by Alex Braverman
Hidden Violence by Robert Chrosciewicz
Washing by Richard Morse
A Moment by Ted Anderson
Follow Through by Brian Gilwee
Actress Taking Break in Rehearsal Minneapolis by Roger P. Watts
MOMA Stairwell by Wayne Thornbrough
Hat-7 by Wesley Maye
Enjoying the Springtime Sun by Bernard Werner
Danny's Alien in a Jar by Jerry Jividen
Beauty Shop Workers by Mark Colvin
8 Sistine Chapel Gallery 1 by William Bullard
Leaning Tower of Pisa by Jim Sinsheimer
Mirror Face Puzzle by Lynne Mass
Angry Man by CJ Pressma
Untitled 2 by Kenneth C. Evans
Portrait by Ursula Hoppe