Thirsty by Trygve Kroepelien
Fulton Market District by Jeremy Damato
Naked Cowboy by Jack Weingarten
Mother by Saman Majd
Mudmen Dancers Resting without Their Masks by Elaine Jones Heron
The Boatman by Ron Cooper
Woman's Prayer by Michael Gora
Tobacco farmer by Rick Chertoff
Sunday Coffee by Barbara J. Holland
Devotion 1 by Aaron Marko
Creation by Fattah Zinnouri
Keep the Pace with Me by Ronaldo Pichardo
House by Bowman Leong
Untitled 3 by Anne De Geer
Lion Tamer by Candy Delaney
Eleanor - Irish Traveler by Bob Newman
David Koch Plaza by William Bullard
Girl with a Pearl Earring by Chester Ng
At the Rodeo by Ron Cooper
Lovers by Jake  Lambroza
Taxi Driver at Night by Mark Colvin
Proud Matron by Stephen K. Hall
Friends by Nathan Dean
Shining by Vaughn Arthur
Bride at Sunset by Tyler Vance
Helen & Anne - Irish Travelers by Bob Newman
Mayan Pride by Kirk Lamb
Marissa by Scott Blake
Elephant trainer by Brittain McJunkin
Just a Little Shut Eye by Michael Scott Pollak
Flower Seller by Glenn Bloodworth
4 Baxter Benally Bus Driver by Alvin Reiner
Wool 1 by Bob Kass
Noodle Loft by Steven Savitz