Passing By by Bernard Werner
Lia Dugal Enter The Shade by David Nienow
Mursi Mother and Child by Robert Blum
Unmasked by Mary Goodrich
Lara by Dave Sova
Untitled 10 by Anne De Geer
People and the City #3-1 by Dae Won Park
Hobolicous by Jerry Jividen
Untitled by Josh Morgan
Day to Dream #6 by Evan Plunkett
Nesei Squatter by Joe Schwartz
Treasure Map by Steven Greenbaum
Victoria by Kit Snider
Untitled 19 by Dennis Luckenbill
Goat Girl by Kirk Decker
Geir Jordahl by Jackson Nichols
Berkeley Beard Bard by Ira Serkes
Caroline by Isabel Karl-Herunter
Noon by Alicja  Gubala
La Dolce Vita by Sheila Bodine
Rose at Narrow Canyon by Jeff Weiser
The Widow by Lee Sowle
Hamid by Kirk Decker
Smoke Break by Robert Guido
Top Hat and Vest by Nathan Dean
Tucker by Chester Ng
Allyn by Michael Stoklos
Badass by Ellen G. Ingram
Untitled 10 by Alan Hans
Leather Work by Kip Harris
Marie and Friend by Karen Curran
Acting Out for America! by Roger Gaess
Soren and Delia by Bonnie Josephson
Dana by Ian McFarlane
Enides by Linda Barsotti
Seattle Georgetown by Michael Medrano
Mollie by Maneewan Vang
Addisan by Mike-David Bliss
Gravedigger by James Pryor
The Pontiac 1955 by Yves Harnois
2 Santeria Dancers by William Bullard
Cover of Cristina by Roberto Soares Gomes
Waiting for Normal by Karen Commings
Down in the Dumps by William West
My Newspaper by Doug Testa
St Mark's Square by Saman Majd
Royal Strength by David Cohen
Line Of Life by Sebahat Ersoy
Winter Sun by Jack Jex
Focused by Richard Dweck