Hidden Violence by Robert Chrosciewicz
Washing by Richard Morse
A Moment by Ted Anderson
Follow Through by Brian Gilwee
Actress Taking Break in Rehearsal Minneapolis by Roger P. Watts
MOMA Stairwell by Wayne Thornbrough
Hat-7 by Wesley Maye
Enjoying the Springtime Sun by Bernard Werner
Danny's Alien in a Jar by Jerry Jividen
8 Sistine Chapel Gallery 1 by William Bullard
Leaning Tower of Pisa by Jim Sinsheimer
Angry Man by CJ Pressma
Untitled 2 by Kenneth C. Evans
Portrait by Ursula Hoppe
Daydreaming by Glenna Rosenberg
Martin Luther King rally No. 2 by Michael Medrano
Loving Life by Ana Koder
Bryant #7 by David L. Robertson
Alzeimer by Yves Harnois
LOVE by Mike Spector
Spring Planting by Elizabeth Wilward
Smiling in Doorway by Gary G. Altman www.garyaltman.com
Man 1 by Doug Testa
Johnny Get Your Gun by Michael Scott Pollak
Otis by Brittain McJunkin
Worker by Brittain McJunkin
MLK March by Michael Medrano
Pooya by Kirk Decker
Behind the Curtain by Jordan Gertsh
Chelsea Jackson Robert by Francesco Mastalia
Rainy Day by Gwen Solomon
Slow and Steady by Gwen Solomon
Very Bright Summit 2 by Arkadiusz  Kubisiak
Noir smoker by Jake  Lambroza