Travel / People / Places

17 Arch Bridge by Terry Bowker
Dog Life by Aaron Marko
Paywine School by Anne Tapler White
Husband and Wife by Adi Ben-Senior
Wanderlust by Elizabeth Milward
End of the Rainbow by Brian Anderson
A Morning Swim by Sorin Costache
Kurdish Elder by Marty Olsen
Silent Light 3 by A. Kadir Ekinci
4 12 Venice Traffic Jam 2019 by Alvin Reiner
Woman and Swimmer by George E. Sperzel
Summer Evening by Lu Zhang
Venice Street by Marvin E. Seiger
Women & Children by Joseph Barnett
Monk Studying by Rick Kattelmann
Clem and the Lions by Chrystina Geagan
Closer to Home 1 by Marna Bell
The Boss by Aaron Marko
Market by Robert Teteruck
Alone by David W. Love
Jerusalemkerk by Guy Belleville
By the Lake by James Carroll
Stairway to Shwedagon Pagoda by Robert Pollai
Reaching the End by Ronaldo Pichardo
12  Kolkata Morning by Louis Kravitz
Castle Cat by Marjorie Kay
Venice Once Again 8 by Izabela Maciusowicz
Spirit Spaces 11 by Jill Ediger
Archenemy by Insoo Bay
Chase by Hang Zhang
Subway by Bob Bader
Start of Cremation by David L. Beckman
Vache de plage by Guy Belleville
Discover by Hang Zhang
The Call by Eric Williams
Boatman and Hamerkop by Stephen K. Hall
Nathan Sheer by David D. Ryan
Channelling the Druids by Jon Meyer
The Last Farm Standing by Marshall Gould
Going Home by David Kyungsoo Chun
Working by Candace Kubinec
Jerash Ruin 2009 by Ardian Gill
Downcast by Roshni Adi Johki
Imagine Rome 4 by Bapi Chakraborty
Bourges Cathedral by Evan Wolarsky
The Tunnel by Sarah Fayad
High Hats by Jim Lustenader
Hard at Work 2 by Doug Testa
Eiffel Tower Nocturne by Dennis Ford
11.13am by Rebecca Lyn Saffran