Stave Church by Charles O. Taflin
12 by Clair Mallett
Metra by Steve Gubin
Hindu Temple Purushamriga or Sphinx Figure by Louis Montrose
Changa'a Brewer by Matt Costanza
County Fair 3 by David Aschkenas
Untitled 5 by Bill Moy
Fort Snelling by Daryl Laudahl
Doolin by Anne Hopkins
Home on Banana Plantatin by Nancy Strahinic
Grand Complication by Faisal Almalki
Eye See You by Joe A. Cardenas
Old Window by Kathleeen Dickens
Cleveland Flats No. 17 by Stefano Sagri
Doorway by Stephen K. Hall
Farm Building by Jon A. Soliday
Transition I 3 by Morteza Poursamadi
Untitled 4 by Bill Moy
Lechón Fantasía by Leandro Montes Garcia
Dragon by Kathleeen Dickens
Window #6 by Toni Beatty
Untitled 4 by Gregory Poulos
Border Crossing by Nancy Strahinic
Display by Eileen Allington
Yellow Autumn by Eli Reinholdtsen
Untitled 11 by Bill Moy
Changing Weather by Albert Zabin
El Día de los Muertos 4 by Larry Kincaid
Confidence by Heiner Pflug
Untitled 10 by Mark Sadan
market by Jan Malmstrom
Door to Nowhere by Kirk Anderson
River Watching by Louise Bartels
Pair by Eli Reinholdtsen
1 A Walk in the Park - Early Fall by Javier Dominguez
Musee by Marian Crostic
1a A Walk in the Park - Early Fall by Javier Dominguez
Untitled 3 by Oscar Fernandez
Trains-Trestle and Overpass by William L. Witmer
Bulbfield2 by Linda Koopman
Carnival 08 by Geraldo Villin Prado
Camels at a Well by Robert Moran
Italy 03 by Charles Harris
Pink Dress by Rania Matar
Pestañas by Leandro Montes Garcia
Manarola by Maurizio Montanari
Himba People by Heiner Pflug
Architectural Detail by Chuck Koosmann
Silencio 2 by Jorge E. Degetau O.
The Song Of Love by Hengki Lee