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Lovers by Insoo Bay
Title Walking In The Rain by William Gleeson
Market 12 by Boris Keller
Untitled 1 by Mike Spector
Siesta by Insoo Bay
Barns by Gerry Gilberti
Papua Warrior by Henry Hamlin
Friendly Ferryman by Katrina Lewis
Hungerford Bridge by Michael Hart
Untitled 10 by Marjorie Gurd
10. Dudley Farm by R.D. Smith
Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes by George T. Grubb
Piazza del Popolo by David N. Hyman
Shanty by Joshua Hakin
Mountain Solitude by Mike Crane
Dear Lord I Beseech You (1) by Steven Hopkins
Morning Fog by Byron Annis
Bay Bridge by Roger Lieberman
Untitled 5 by Hung Chao Hsu
Lost Without You by Jarret Quinn Hardy
Daily Supply by Thomas Phoon
After Church by Ken Sklute
Traditions by Oliver Klink
Family by Nathan Caplan
6 The Drummers 3 by William Bullard
The Holy Trinity by Steven Hopkins
Soap Bubbles by Arvid Fimreite
Time Not Standing Still by Gene Nemeth
Old Bridge by Josh D. Phillips
Rolling Landscape by Sylvio Rusmigo
Lights in the Night by Anne-Marie Dannenberg
Moon over Cape Porpoise by Mary Woodman
Giant Lenin Head by Michael Kirchoff
Abandoned Boat by Frank Brueske
Bean Field by Lane Simmons
Untitled 2 by Kulvinder Singh
Old Railroad Trestle by Marcia S. Fowler
Bryant Lake Bowl by Stephen Schafer
Cigar Lady by Jay Seldin
Buzkishi Ground Move by Gloriann Liu
Me and my Friend the Water by Herminio Alberti
Subway Stop by Alan Wood
There's No Time Left by Kenneth C. Evans
Woman with Basket in Piata Unirii by George Omorean
State Fair by Michael Knapstein
Underground Munich by Marco Petracci
Children Playing and Begging by Alison McCauley
Sundown by Jerry Hass
Woman and Statue by Joseph Barnett
A Morning Stroll by Joe Cressman