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Lightning in Venice by Steve Burkett
Stillness by Robert P. Gach
Drawers by Jim Lustenader
Duke Paoa Kahanamoku by Inga Howe-Geniesse
Infrared Lunar Landscape by William R. West, Jr.
Boat by Max D. Sturgeon
State Fair by David Ruderman
Threatening Sky by Mark Clifford
Moving Car in Tunnel by Nick Fury
Tourist trap by Alex Braverman
Church Bell Tower by Phillip A. Windell
Sunderban by Boat by J. Tajra
Behind the Screen by Carol MacLeod
The Eiffel Tower 3 by Manaz Ganji
Chained to a Dream by Jon Urquhart
Life 8 by Ken Ball
Mists of Magic by David Martin
Glimpse of the Geisha by Pak Han
Sugar Loaf 05 by Silvestre Machado
Charras by Gray Hawn
Family March by Jackson Nichols
Parco by Catherine Michele Adams
Carrying Her Sister by Anne Tapler White
Cienfuegos Sqaure by Stanley Harris
Archer's View by Gordon C. Webb
Dancers 16 by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
Boat by Jeffrey Logesky
London Eye by Dennis Greenhill
Hmongs Courting Game by Armando Lindner
Light of Day by Ted Anderson
Untitled 07 by Barbara Warren
Mutually Inscrutable by Louis Montrose
Easter by Kathleen Fischer
Stone House in Lavender Field by Suzy Ro
Lake Michigan Sunrise by Rosanne Mezio
Tumbledown Barn and Bridgers by Kevin R. Porto
Street Food by Benny Asrul
Workers by Brian Jolley
El Señor del Perdon by Brian L. Overcast
Entryway by Michael Lee
Palouse Barn 4256 by Bob Neiman
La Defense by Phillip Jones
Southside Saturday by Mark Phillips
Art Guard by Janeen Macrino
Soares-Gomes by Roberto Soares-Gomes
Adelaide Street by Vladimir Kabelik
Big in Japan by Terry Bowker
Under Construction by Barry Dunn
Two Bicyclists by Benny Asrul
Sawarna 04 by Benny Asrul