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Canal and Bridge by Jorgen Opsann
Pier by Darryl Godfrey
Rowing Buddha by Daniel Richard Seaborg
Grave Watch by Rich Smukler
Humayun's Tomb by Tebani Slade
Louvre by Alicja Gubała
Three Millers by David Dodson
Taipei People 03 by Wu Yi-Ping
Lynch Park by Chris Needham
Pasture Lane by Linda Delk
Woman by Chere Pafford
Hanging Laundry by Jim McKinniss
Casing Dream by Thomas Phoon
Pine and Plaster by Steve Burkett
A Passage Through Time by Bret Culp
Arriving by W. Edward Blow
Crossing by Wieslaw Mamon
Twinkle Twinkle by Susan Bone Annable
11 School by David Nanni
The Bottoms by Anne De Geer
Oasis in Snow 12 by Alex Braverman
Boneyard by Mark Gubin
Six Flags I by Jay Spilker
Woman by Gary Pullar
The Eiffel Tower 1 by Manaz Ganji
Solitude by Rik Palm
Venice #5 by Cheryl Slechta
From the Train by Julio Hardy
Sadhu # 3 by Andrew Bell
Limes by Robert A. Levine
Foro Romano Ruins II by Keith Waldrum
Catching Rays by Jim Lustenader
Untitled 04 by Claudia Baptista Moreira de Freitas
Untitled 2 by Rich Smukler
Coliseum by Night by Jim and Anne Mitchell
Central Station by John P. Lewis
Farm 4 by Steven Greenbaum
Untitled 1 by Krzysztof Brzeski
10-The Russel House County by William Weber
Insignificance by Steven Dembo
Hurrying Home by John Eaton
Zadar Bridge by Fabrizio Capsoni
Racing by Boonita Subhadrabandhu
Untitled 4 by Linda Hollinger
Winter Prairie 03 by Michael  Elkan
Cirit by A. Kadir Ekinci
Passings by Dennis Hodges
Carnival Nights by Joe Puglisi
Daily Commute by Roshni Adi Johki
Nicosia 2 by Geo Oplaat