Goggle Girl by David Pantuso
Tea Girl by David Ruderman
Acropolis by Woody Campbell
Washington Square Park by Jeff Rothstein
Athens' Door by Allan R. Lamb
Amish Farmhouse by Joan Moir
V-J Day by Leonard Hellerman
Oak and Raven by John R. Rodrigues
11_Hotel Stella by William Bullard
The Preacher by Cary Rush
Ivone by Ricardo de Vicq
Storming by Robert Daum
Benches by Jim Lustenader
Fins by Michael Philip Manheim
Bachelor Brothers by Richard Wilkie
Janelle by Jeff Ryan
Ice Cream Man With Hardhat by C. Al Wood
Hanging Around by Arthur Ammann
Small Shot by Michael Philip Manheim
The Lace Curtain Life by Walter Pinkus
_Oh by James W. Stuhler
Goat Girl by Richard Wilkie
The boy and the woman eating cotton candy by John R. Pepper
Italian Place by Steven Taddei
“RISO AMARO” by Giuseppe De Santis by John R. Pepper
FamilyDinner by Jay King
Brighton by Ilene Eber
Corvair at Night by Michael Berry
Lighting Up by Jay King
Untitled 7 by Burt Allen Solomon
Untitled 2 by Fred Poznak
Man and Pidgeon by Jim Lustenader
Old Street Vendor by Pieter Verhoeven
Abuelita by ML Gitchel
Sad by James W. Stuhler
Booksellers by Jim Lustenader
Istanbul #2 by Woody Campbell
No GMO by Steve Chinn
Vietnam Memorial by Erwin G. Markowitz
Untitled 4 by John R. Pepper
School Bus by Steve Chinn
Atlanta Ballet School by John Sumner
Political Ad by Allan R. Lamb
1_Place de la République by William Bullard
Mom and Susan by Richard Barden
Overcast Mundelein by Arlene Vidor
Man on RR Tracks by Jeremy Barnard
Heart-Face Woman by Arnold Clayton Henderson
Gandy Dance by Steve McMahon
Museum Ladies by Dennis Staffne