Inflation by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
Untitled 2 by Mike Wilkes
Two Kids in Left Window & Two Kids and Their Mom in the Right by Jack Feder
U.N. Lobby #1 by Eli Dimeff
Family Time by John R. Pepper
The River Flows Like Time by Thomas Janzen
Black Cab at Bermondsey Antiques Market by George Siede
Trash Can by Allan R. Lamb
6. Sleeping Worker by Sven Martson
4_Filets Frais by William Bullard
Men Painting Building in Ischia Italy by Jack Feder
The Librarian by Kirk Decker
Campaigner in 1960 by Michael Philip Manheim
If Looks Could Kill by Myron Slabaugh
Curiosity by Jim Lustenader
11. FDR Drive by Sven Martson
Curves by Robert Daum
National Guard Assault Through Tear Gas by Robert Jensen
Pro Wrestling by Bill Dixon
Fisherman by Ben Murphy
Owners Inspecton Memphis TN 1967 by C. Al Wood
Broken by Robert W. Hall
Sale Day by Michael Philip Manheim
Sculpted Door by Jack Feder
Smoker by Jay King
Fight Club by Allan R. Lamb
Lunch at the Zoo by Robert C. Anderson
Umberto D. by John R. Pepper
Kid On Porch by Liza Hennessey Botkin
An Evening Stroll by Rene Rodriguez
Life's Toll by Chuck Conner
Spirit of '76 by Ernie Flowers
Ann Arbor Blues Festival by Norm Snyder
Roofs by Jerzy Pawlowski
Ola #6 by Per Erik Langaanes
Man under Westside Highway by Jack Feder
Missuori River by Dale Livingston
Woman in Window by Jack Feder
06. Wall Street by Sven Martson
Battle Scene by Jay King
Flask Array by Rene Rodriguez
Fur by Louis Joyner
Painting Ship by David Pollard
Port of Catoosa by Jeff Burk
Falling Angels by Joe Infascelli
WigSale by Jay King
Jim Town 3 by David Flanery
Polish servicemen inside Nissen Barrack by Waclaw Przesiecki
The Wait by Robert Jensen