#7 SS Independence by Bernard Spinelli
Fishing by Fred Poznak
Festival by Norm Snyder
Grim Reaper by Timothy Floyd
Reflections 3 by Mati Maldre
Fishing Boats by Isidore Mankofsky
Guns and Vehicles by Robert C. Anderson
Hudson River by Erwin G. Markowitz
Gary by Timothy Floyd
Adams St. Station by Steve Saunders
Morrocan Girl Inside Doorway with Tiled Floor by Jack Feder
Il Galletto by John R. Pepper
Chair by Door by Charles F. Hammond
Marge by Madeline Barden
St Anthony of Padua by Arthur J. Ammann
Dreamer by Mikel Flamm
Couple by Arthur J. Ammann
Market by Jim Lustenader
Brothers by Frank Fuerst
Vincent Brown New York City 1975 by Samuel H. Brown
Preparing Beaver Hide by Wendy Mullinder
05. Wrestlers by Sven Martson
Lovers and Statue by Jim Lustenader
Lucille Andrew by Thomas Winter
Man and Cat by Jim Lustenader
Onion's by Samuel H. Brown
Circus Poster by Allan R. Lamb
Me Too by Myron Slabaugh
Ones World by Robert C. Anderson
“GERMANIA ANNO ZERO” by Roberto Rossellini by John R. Pepper
ManiacCity by Jay King
Feeding Time Grant Park by John Galbreath
Shoppers by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
Neighbor Boys by Dale Livingston
Idon's Curtain by Leland Bryant
Keyport Fishery by Karen A. Sanabria
Versailles by David Small
Auenhammer by Natasha Auenhammer
The Gang by Karen Sanabria
Picnic in Black by Arthur Ammann
Preservation Hall 3 by Arthur J. Ammann
The Shadow by Allan R. Lamb
17. Cafe by Sven Martson
My Day For Dishes by Don Jacobson
Throwing A Derrick by Rees Gordon
Man with Hat by Jack Feder
The River of my Youth by Thomas Janzen
Shadow of TV Tower by Vojin Drenovac