Prevent Nuclear War by Myron Slabaugh
Buildingscape by Mitchell Walker Jr
Approach to Arlington by Robert D. Pierce
Air Comnditioned by Fred Poznak
01 Wedge Line by James R. Holland
Man Made Diamonds by Mati Maldre
The Parthenon by Woody Campbell
Zen Garage by Don Jacobson
Chanting Lincoln Center by Samuel H. Brown
Couple by Leland Bryant
Untitled 3 by Burt Allen Solomon
Thinking of Home by David Pollard
Kids at Play by Robert M. Currier
Brush by Fred Poznak
Young Emberá couple waiting to return to their village by Larry Kincaid
Kids in Abandoned Car by Jack Feder
25. Europa Center by Sven Martson
#3 SS Independence by Bernard Spinelli
Hub Caps by John Galbreath
_Look of Hate- Panmunjom by James W. Stuhler
Mother and Child by Wendy Mullinder
_Dip Baby Dip_ Wall Street by Samuel H. Brown
Saturday Band Practice by Kirk Decker
The Spray by Myron Slabaugh
Back Porch by Laurie Nelson
Gondolier by Vojin Drenovac
Very Old Shoes by Fred Poznak
Self Portrait by Michael Knapstein
26. Shadow on Berlin Wall (looking east) by Sven Martson
Untitled 2 by Timothy Floyd
Sunrise on Lake Michigan by Fred Poznak
Iron Bridge by Walter Pinkus
At the Circus by Michael Philip Manheim
Aberdeen by Jerry Grasso
Playing Dad by Michael Parvin
Surviving Buildings by Robert M. Currier
Back in Love by Samuel H. Brown
Untitled 3 by John R. Pepper
Petro and Jose by Madeline Barden
Willie by Laurie Nelson
Madeline by Richard Barden
Man in Rain by Jay King
19. Furrier by Sven Martson
Colonial Cab Co. by Marilyn Suriani
Hats & Coats by Norm Snyder
Clara by Anthony Guidone
05 Wet Paint Sign Selfie by James R. Holland
British Rail 3 by Allan R. Lamb
Bonnie Dobson by Walter Pinkus