14. Street Furniture by Sven Martson
Vegetable Wagon by Bob Miller
Couple on Bed by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
_ Peace by James W. Stuhler
Pole Position by Steve Chinn
Queen of the Beach by Otto B. Scherf
02. Rick and Ricki by Sven Martson
No More Hiroshimas by Myron Slabaugh
Los Osos Oak by Duain C. Wood
“LA RAGAZZA DI PIAZZA SAN PIETRO” by Piero Costa by John R. Pepper
Princess by Jay King
Grant Park 3 by Fred Poznak
Dog on Armchair by Jack Feder
12_Fontainbleau by William Bullard
Berlin Wall by Timothy Floyd
19. Man in Trenchcoat by Sven Martson
Volkswagen by Jim Johnson
Summertime by Michael Parvin
Girl with Venetian Blinds by Jack Feder
Ladies Leaping by Michael Philip Manheim
Election Time by Wendy Mullinder
My Girl by Otto B. Scherf
Self-Portrait by Jay King
Untitled 2 by John R. Pepper
Cozy Passengers by Arthur J. Ammann
23. Christine Le Duc by Sven Martson
Nixon by Steven Lucas
Arrow Gate by Pieter Verhoeven
Sweeper by Jim Lustenader
Street Sweepers' Time Out by Elio DePisa
Looking Back 1 by Mike Spector
Watching USO Show by Erwin G. Markowitz
Sunlight by Jim Lustenader
The Farm by Charles Klein
Luncheonette by Richard Serviss
Mother and Daughter by Jack Feder
Snow Day by Michael Parvin
By Standers by Steven Savitz
#1 SS Independence by Bernard Spinelli
Curiosities by Jim Lustenader
“CRONACA DI UN AMORE” by Michelangelo Antonioni, An Homage to Italian Neo-Realism by John R. Pepper
08 Southern Ohio by James R. Holland
Ola #3 by Per Erik Langaanes
Dancer by Mikel Flamm
26. Skaters by Sven Martson
Kids Lib by Don Jacobson
Wise Guys by Frank Fuerst
Josha by Anthony Guidone