Empty Lot by Paul Eric Johnson
“MOLTI SOGNI PER LE STRADE” by Mario Camerini, An Homage to Italian Neo-Realism by John R. Pepper
Goldwater for President by Frank Merrem
Man drinking water by John R. Pepper
Sweet Dreams by Donald Cicconi
Yo Yo Champ by Philip Lawrence
Jumpers by Danny Gilleland
15. Soviet War Memorial by Sven Martson
Venice At Nigh by Don Jacobson
Newsstand by Fred Poznak
Lightnin' Hopkins by Walter Pinkus
Blue Mt. State Park by Steve Saunders
Dentist Office by Allan R. Lamb
Spare Tire by Allan R. Lamb
Happy Face by Jay King
People Sitting on Steps with Two Caryatids v2 by Jack Feder
Reflections 5 by Mati Maldre
Distance by Frank Fuerst
The Acropolis Hill by Woody Campbell
Cristo Rey by M L Gitchel
Nate Smith Jimmy Carter by Stephan Elko
Young Men by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
#6 SS Independence by Bernard Spinelli
Christmas 1948 #1 by Eugene Renzi
Man and Mastodon by Mark McCarty
Risking It by Fred Poznak
Thank Heaven for 7 Eleven by Bill Dixon
08. Jim and Cat by Sven Martson
The Bazaar by Allan R. Lamb
English Treasure by Allan R. Lamb
Dune Climbers by Walter Pinkus
North Korean Camera023-1 by James W. Stuhler
Since 1917 by Allan R. Lamb
11. Strasse des 17 Juni by Sven Martson
Sunday Reading by Hendrik Paul
Hotel Lobby by Christopher Bolton
Worlds Largest Circus by Allan R. Lamb
Rivet by Allan R. Lamb
Dream Farm by Mark Fohl
Two Guambiano Women by Larry Kincaid
Hat by Ricardo de Vicq
Preservation Hall 4 by Arthur J. Ammann
Fire by Robert M. Currier
Park in Snow by Jim Lustenader
Fisherman by Ricardo de Vicq
7_Yanes & Padgona by William Bullard
8. Jackhammer Operator by Sven Martson
Take a Number by Fred Poznak
Cooling-Off by Michael Seif
Reflections by Robert D. Pierce