Christmas 1948 #2 by Eugene Renzi
Nursing Mother by John Sumner
At The Pole 02 by Frank Merrem
Looking Back 2 by Mike Spector
Spectators by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
World For Sale by Fred Poznak
Couple with Sign by Jack Feder
Mabel and Steve by Madeline Barden
Untitled 7 by John Alfred Wilkins
Welding by Fred Poznak
Untitled 2 by Burt Allen Solomon
Untitled by Ricardo de Vicq
Luxembourg #2 by Woody Campbell
Honeymoon by C. J. Pressma
Man by Steve Saunders
The Brass Are Coming by Isidore Mankofsky
Untitled 1 by Timothy Floyd
Palm Trees by Christopher Bolton
Chicago Clock by Marion Knight
Father&Child by Jay King
Trinity Church with the WTC  Being Built by Jack Feder
“LADRI DI BICICLETTE” by Vittorio De Sica by John R. Pepper
09 Snake Handler's Live Headband by James R. Holland
Shelley by Wendy Mullinder
Junk Buses by Robert M. Currier
Project Link by David Welton
Girl Smoking by Michael Philip Manheim
Philosophy by Fred Poznak
Boy in Raincoat Memphis Tn 1967 by C. Al Wood
Untitled #4 by Larry Gregory
Grant Park 2 by Fred Poznak
The Camera by Steve Chinn
This World by Elio DePisa
Rainbow Records by Frank Fuerst
12. Boy and Shadow by Sven Martson
Intersection by Jim Johnson
Bed by Arlene Vidor
Alley by Allan R. Lamb
Hagia Sophia #1 by Woody Campbell
Joey by Madeline Barden
Lay Lady Lay by Donald Cicconi
Alice & Virgil Mills by Thomas Winter
First One's Free by Charles Klein
Road Gang by George Siede
The Old Country by Walter Pinkus
NightDesk by Robert W. Hall
Willow by Norm Snyder
Public Garden by Paul Eric Johnson