Traveling Carnival by C. Al Wood
12. University Cafeteria by Sven Martson
Greece #1 by Woody Campbell
13. Mother and Daughter by Sven Martson
Holy Trinity Church by Woody Campbell
07. Pontiac and Pompadour by Sven Martson
22. Construction Site by Sven Martson
Untitled #2 by Larry Gregory
African Dancer by John Sumner
Sisters by Larry Gregory
Siblings by Jay King
Diner by Louis Joyner
Untitled 2 by Burt Allen Solomon
Victorian Pear Guitar Player by Steve Berg
Jim Town 1 by David Flanery
1. Altes Museum Portico with East German Troops by Sven Martson
Beach Grass by Allan R. Lamb
Down by the River in Summer by Thomas Janzen
Ruth & Gladys Andrew by Thomas Winter