Corner Market by Jim Lustenader
Chow Time by Erwin G. Markowitz
20. Fernsehturm by Sven Martson
Jim Town 2 by David Flanery
Nude with Lion's Eyes by Arnold Clayton Henderson
Trio by Jim Lustenader
2. S-Bahn by Sven Martson
The Protest by Myron Slabaugh
03 Model Sign by James R. Holland
Blue Hill Avenue by Robert M. Currier
Stewart Matra-Ford by Alan Mahood
Mountain Child by Ronald Gratz
#4 SS Independence by Bernard Spinelli
15. Soviet War Memorial by Sven Martson
Venice At Nigh by Don Jacobson
Blue Mt. State Park by Steve Saunders
Happy Face by Jay King
Reflections 5 by Mati Maldre
The Acropolis Hill by Woody Campbell
Nate Smith Jimmy Carter by Stephan Elko
Young Men by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
#6 SS Independence by Bernard Spinelli
Man and Mastodon by Mark McCarty
08. Jim and Cat by Sven Martson
English Treasure by Allan R. Lamb
11. Strasse des 17 Juni by Sven Martson
Sunday Reading by Hendrik Paul
Rivet by Allan R. Lamb
Two Guambiano Women by Larry Kincaid
Hat by Ricardo de Vicq
Preservation Hall 4 by Arthur  Ammann
Fire by Robert M. Currier
Fisherman by Ricardo de Vicq
8. Jackhammer Operator by Sven Martson