Prospect Park by Bill Livingston
Looking  Past The Bushes by Jerry Kay
Through by Window by Eunice Eunjin Oh
Untitled by Liane M. Budden
Dorothy's House by Lauren Howes
Sneakers by Donna Parker
Subliminal by Heather McAlister
I was the First by Adrian Tirteu
Untitled 1 by Jarmo Honkanen
Fabric Abstraction by Jerry Kay
Vision by Heather McAlister
Poise by Heather McAlister
East River by Mayumi Yoshimaru
Anomaly 33 by Susan Jacobs
Victoria Lake by Liz Palm
Bessemer Druids by Roberta Lynn Ledbetter
Cara Mia 4852 by Mark McCarty
Oak Leaves by Mikael Carstanjen
Cara Mia 3553 by Mark McCarty
Arm Wrestling by Steven Anselm
DIA Light Rail by James Esten
Untitled by Kenneth Sekiguchi
Mushroom by Roberta Lynn Ledbetter
Fall Light by Rebecca Bruyn
Court Street by Tom Robbins
Long Shadows by Tom Robbins
Untitled by Jerry Kay
Untitled 2 by Nicole Lee
Delancey Street by Mara Catalan
Figure with Scarf by Steven W. Stanger
At MIT by Donna Parker
Happy Holiday by Eunice Eunjin Oh
Cara Mia 2569 by Mark McCarty