Public Spaces Private Worlds by David Ingraham
Serenity by Eunice Eunjin Oh
Mannequin-3 by Saman Majd
Lonely Balloon by Jerry Kay
3 by Cheryl Slechta
Diving Tower by Liz Palm
st-germain_2017_02 by Gerard Liston
Blessings by Shannon McMahon
Untitled by Moon S. Yang
Sunset in the Park by Anthony DiMatteo
Golden Gate Park by Kenneth Sekiguchi
Beach Strollin by Lynne Mass
Odd Fellows Hall by Rebecca Bruyn
Untitled #5 by Jerry Kay
Zoapan Cowboy by Mark Ferguson
Chinatown Deli Window Reflection by Carl Rubino
Lonely Balloon by Jerry Kay
Sensitive Fern by Susan Jacobs
In a LA Mood by David Ingraham
Lonesome Cowboy by Ron Rothenberg
Flight of Ice Cream by Gary Driggs
Kinda Creepy Doll by Carol MacLeod
la vida secreta de brocoli Louisville by Rene Rodriguez
Room 311 by Sita Mae
En Route to Nowhere by Herminio Alberti
What's Left of the Old Tree by Adrian Tirteu
Where Winter Lies Down by Susan Jacobs
Architecture House by Jose Paulo Andrade
Taking the Leap by Sheila Bodine
Untitled 1 by Angela Casagrande
Girls by Michelangelo Viterbo
Untitled 2 by Ann Cathrin Buchardt
Bowtie by John Diephouse
Once Upon a Time by Carol MacLeod
On the Inside by David Ingraham
Rain in Cape Town by Gene Dominique
Shoe Shine by Jerry Kay
Better Days by Adrian Tirteu
Wheels by Mary Doering
Magnolia 2 by David Chui
Pots by Carol H. MacLeod
Untitled by Larry Chan
Column by Laura Hopkins
Exfoliating Leaf by Jerry Kay
Riverside by Nelson Wenguer
Horse San Juan Bautista by Steven W. Stanger
Hand by Mark Ferguson
Classical versus Contemporary Handrails by Matthew Maldre
Fallen From Grace by Cheryl Slechta
Long Shadows by Kathy Conway