Alternative Printing Processes

Auenhammer by Natasha Auenhammer
Lamp and Couch by Bill Lund
Afterglow by Hiroyasu Matsui
13 Made entirely from iron oxide rock by Bill Fink
Desolate Drive-In by Matthew Ragen
Guardian of the Portal by Les Allen
Old Car Interior by Matthew Ragen
Alone in The Woods #2 by Manou Kashani
Bubble Wrap by Susan Striepe
2 Sisters Picture Made Entirely From Her Brothers Cremated Ashes by Bill Fink
Aqua Vitae II by Bernice Ficek-Swenson
Blue Man by Barbara Eberhard
Pink Model by Anne De Geer
9 My Eye Made entirely of My Hair by Bill Fink
Untitled 2 by Anne De Geer
Brianna Close by Bill Lund
Forms VI by Rodrigo Etcheto
Speed by David Ruderman
Tribute to Sudek by Tibor Varga
Portrait of Melanie Gaydos by Eric Lee Bowman
Still Life by David Ruderman
Emerging by Ernie Flowers
At the Table by Peter van Hal