Clown Dressing Room by Tyler Vance
Don't Bother to Knock #1 by Linda Barsotti
Serving line at soup kitchen by Larry Colby
Construction Worker by Brittain McJunkin
Raising the Big Top by Tyler Vance
Big Top Going Up by Tyler Vance
Brooklyn Wedding by James Gallagher
Bus Stop Blues by Kirk Ciaglaski
Georgetown Steam Plant by James Arzente
The Happy Lady by Michael Greig
The Americans-Revisited #10 by John Conn
Framer by Lynn Fundingsland
Washington Street by Robert M. Currier
Limestone Quarry by Tom Duffy
Rolls by Steven Greenbaum
Heavens Aglow by Stan Singer
Messages by Mark Caseres
Sportsmanship by Marshall Gould
Divine Palanquin Bearers by Pak Han
Limestone - The Final Cut by Tom Duffy
Produce Delivery by Thomas Robbins
Seattle Blurred by Doris Williams
Contradictions by Philip Lawrence
Harvest Parade1 by Mark Heitner
Circus Early Morning by Tyler Vance
Manzanar 5 by Steve Wolowitz
Panhandler by Brian Alan Brose
Untitled 3 by Karen E. Curran
Mount St. Helens by Michael Rubin
Selling devotion by Luciano Del Bufalo
Pittsburgh Project XV by Jameson West
Broken Bricks by Billy Weeks
Eternity by Larry Selman
The Fake 09 by Chi Kwon Choi