Diner 2 by Jon Meyer
Unloading Chicken Coup by Thomas Duffy
Back to Back by Samuel H. Brown
Air Raid by Rebecca Dietz
Shoshone Rest Stop by Karen Cummings
Untitled 10 by Karen E. Curran
The Americans-Revisited #2 by John Conn
Encountering Street Preacher by Byron Annis
Don't Bother to Knock #5 by Linda Barsotti
View of cafe from the street by Larry Colby
America After Sandy by Joan B. Myers
Dia De Muertos by Tyler Vance
Clown by Tyler Vance
Friends by Darrell Sano
The Conversation by Karen Cummings
Soldier by Edyta Kielian
Homeless by Don S. Rice
Mexican Butcher by Tyler Vance
Welder 334 by Scott Fowler
Drummer by Steven Greenbaum
The Friends by Michael Greig
Tall Mummer by Art Braitman
Untitled 2 by Jean-Pierre Kocher
Untitled 1 by Curtis Salonick
Singing For His Supper by Brian Alan Brose
Clouds Afire by Stan Singer
Just Do It Santa by Karen Cummings
Chips are Flying by J. Michael Gannon
Heritage by Larry Kjorvestad
Helping Hand 2 by Scott Fowler
Iraq #3 by David A. Tucker
Applying Mud by Marco R. Casalino
06 Dying at Home by Robert Skeoch
The Have-Nots by John Schum
The Fake 01 by Chi Kwon Choi
Second Line by Tyler Vance
Father and Son at Open Carry Rally-Alamo Plaza by Bruce Barshop
Flood 2 by Jarret Quinn Hardy
Teamwork by Marshall Gould
The Fake 10 by Chi Kwon Choi
The Fake 11 by Chi Kwon Choi
Manzanar 11 by Steve Wolowitz
Precious by Scott Fowler
Otis Festival 3 by Alvin Reiner
b. Game 3 Crowd. Philadelphia by Gregory Poulos
Street Party by Samuel H. Brown
The Americans-Revisited #9 by John Conn
Limestone Quarry Workers 3 by Tom Duffy
Finally! by Jean-Francois Sigrist
Wedding 9 by Arvid Fimreite