The Planting of Almond spring by Jim Curnyn
The Fake 02 by Chi Kwon Choi
The Smiling Lady by Michael Greig
Leon Panetta by William Bullard
The Warrior by Jim Cook
g. Upper Deck 2 by Gregory Poulos
Urban Christina by Jan Wolyniak
Mud Fun by Marco R. Casalino
Committed by Stephen K. Hall
Limestone Quarry Workers 2 by Tom Duffy
Construction by Tyler Vance
Standing Rock Protest 8 by Michael Mirabito
Party by Tyler Vance
9-11 Memorial by Barbara Warren
All in a Lathes Work by Jerry Grasso
Resurrection Trumpet by Rebecca Dietz
Spray Park by Joan B. Myers
e. Philly Fan 3 by Gregory Poulos
Don't Bother to Knock #7 by Linda Barsotti
Belligerante by Jason Lucey
02 Dying at Home by Robert Skeoch
After 9 11 by Elisabeth Murray
Sacred Rest by Jack Delmonte
Pashupatinah by Carlos Rozensztroch
Waiting by Ronnie Conlin
Tired by Scott Fowler
Helping Hand by Scott Fowler
Cathedral Birds by Tyler Vance
Untitled 7 by Robert A. Virga
11 Dying at Home by Robert Skeoch
Damage Becomes Real by Joan B. Myers
Fan 02 by Doris Williams
Fix the Press by Jerry Grasso
Framing by Lynn Fundingsland