Lunchtime by Brent Nicastro
The Look by Robert Blum
Truss Walker by Lynn Fundingsland
Joy Riders in Chinatown by Rodney Gene Mahaffey
Untitled 2 by Karen E. Curran
Marching for Fujimori by Steve Spehar
Deicing by Joe Sack
Holding Up the Wire by Scott Fowler
Cobra at COTA by Ronnie Conlin
Plant Shoe Factory by Robert M. Currier
The Cripple by Michael Greig
Roofer by Lynn Fundingsland
Fear the Axe by Jim Kohatsu
Untitled 9 by Thomas Janzen
Untitled 2 by Thomas Janzen
Practicing by Marshall Gould
Mud Monster by Marco R. Casalino
Holy Week by Dolores Smart
Friends by Silvestre Machado
04 Dying at Home by Robert Skeoch
Second Line by Tyler Vance
The Americans-Revisited #5 by John Conn
Lathmar Holi by Wendy Hannum
Flood 8 by Jarret Quinn Hardy
Minnesota State Fair by John L. Rodman
Untitled by Jessica Lutz
Untitled 8 by Karen E. Curran
Raftering by Lynn Fundingsland
Irish and Israeli Embassies by Robert M. Currier
The Planting of Almond spring by Jim Curnyn
The Fake 02 by Chi Kwon Choi
The Smiling Lady by Michael Greig
Leon Panetta by William Bullard
The Warrior by Jim Cook
g. Upper Deck 2 by Gregory Poulos
Urban Christina by Jan Wolyniak
Mud Fun by Marco R. Casalino
Love & Corn Dogs by Karen Cummings
Committed by Stephen K. Hall
Limestone Quarry Workers 2 by Tom Duffy
Construction by Tyler Vance
Standing Rock Protest 8 by Michael Mirabito
Party by Tyler Vance
Love In by Richard Stocker
9-11 Memorial by Barbara Warren
All in a Lathes Work by Jerry Grasso
Resurrection Trumpet by Rebecca Dietz
Busy Kitchen by Ron Croft
Spray Park by Joan B. Myers
e. Philly Fan 3 by Gregory Poulos