Portraiture / Children

The Kiss by Anne De Geer
Margo and Avah by Jorge Luis Monteagudo
His Smile by Sandra Freyler
Comfort by Paul Ferrin
Naazaba by Linda Hollinger
performance intro by Eric Newman
Toi's Toy by David R. Burton
Water Fun by Susan B. Griffith
Man in Park by Jorge Luis Monteagudo
In Desperation by Michael Greig
Paying in Artwork by Byong-Ho Kim
Ja-Exhausted-Sono by Evelyn Salguero
Refugees from Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict by Peter Schoen
Dont Bother Me by Marvin J. Gerstein
Untitled 6 by Nicholas Ossa
Old Man 3 by Hyun Woong Kim
Klaas by Patricia Ramaer and Onno van Middelkoop
Cuban Grandma by Alicja Gubała
Mother Listening to Pavarotti on Iphone by Juan Carlos Radzinschi
Loukia Merdanos by Kathy Roussel
Beach Glow by Peter Madero 3rd
The Tooth Pick by Jeff Sinnock
Sheltered by Michael Owen Andrew
3 Girls by Emory Winship
We have dreams & so do they by Adam Tan
Life by Stan Singer
Two Conversations by Tim Johnston
Local Woman by Jack Delmonte
Mekong Tribe Girl by Jamie Johnson
Mother by Eduardo Bermudez
Water Gun by Terry Bowker
Childhood #3 by Veronica G. Cardenas-Vento
Boy with Raygun by C. Gary Moyer
Emma Scout 1 by Kent Chamness
Nathan #3 by David Lykes Keenan
Cloudy by Konrad Bazan
Untitled 3 by Laura Naylor
Peace by Chris Boyd
A New Artemis and Her Beast by Patricia Izzo
Clyde 001 by Dan Richard Barber
Betty by Tim Slaven
In The Aquarium #5 by Lee Grossman
Arzu in Vatican by Len Docino
End of Shift by Joel Anderson
Lady in the works by Patricia Ramaer
Last Days of Summer by Manuela Thames
Tondo 3 by Ludmila Ketslakh
James by Noel MacDonald
A Girl at Hongdae Park by Dae Won Park
In the Eyes by Amelia Opalinska