Walking by Richard M. Caplan
Seasoned by Pamela Sweet
Tandem Mill Workers by Beverly Conley
A Dark Melancholy 6 by Olena Sullivan
guys by Jan Malmstrom
Frog Prize by Stephanie Torbert
Lines by Nese O. Zinn
Encounters 7 by Larry Kincaid
Praying Man with Black Hat by Brian K. Edwards
3.Parting Thoughts by Roger Gaess
Snow storm by Rick Kattlemann
Man in Thought by Patricia Sweeney
Papered #3 by Carole Usdan
Wanton Woman by Stuart Brafman
Bishop'sGarden10 by John Buckley
Love by Anthony L. Posey
The Focus Face by Shun Jiu Yong
Untitled 1 by Monte Gerlach
Batey #9 by Ronaldo Pichardo
Walking Meditation by Jon Kolkin
Overweight by Fattah Zinnouri
Massimo creating by Brian Bardo
Memories for sale 10 by Kirill Surov
Day's End by Roberta McGowan
Reflection by Mindaugus Gabrenas
Under the Crown by Kimberly Edwards
Hello! San Jose by Nese O. Zinn
TheSecret by Janine Sprout
Birthday Party by Nelly Ethel Kambourian
Encounters 6 by Larry Kincaid
Transition I 11 by Morteza Poursamadi
Aligators in Heritage Square by Stephanie Torbert