Jill at Alcatraz by Brian Lockyer
Homeless in Bauhaus by Virginia Delgado
Austyn by John Earl Brown
David by Jeffery M. Graves
Pilgrim by Rick Kattlemann
On the boat by Radoslaw Pujan
Kite Chaser by Charles F. Mason
Clown by Kit Snider
Ulm Morning by Tyler Harry Kjar
Jorge by David Roels
LittleMan'sView by Joel Cossrow
We have dreams & so do they by Adam Tan
Nathan #3 by Daivid Lykes Keenan
Drowning by Louis Joyner
Urban Dream by Gary T. Postlethwait
Eric Jesus #1 by Daivid Lykes Keenan
Girl working by Mike Tschappat
Maryuris Ipuana by Carlos Saavedra
George Segal by Ellen Denuto
Shoe Repair by Linda Hollinger
Wave by Kit Snider
Untitled 2 Brighton Beach 2003 by John Pohlmann
Maine Character by Gary T. Postlethwait
Kayla by Peter Charles Labrosse
Central Park Park by Eric Odinski
Violated by Eberhard Riedel
10 Devastation by Jurgen Dopatka
Context by Carole Usdan
The Baseball Field Nicaragua 2012 by Billy Weeks
Dancer Master by Charles F. Mason
The Mechanic by Jon A. Soliday
Card Players by Virginia Delgado
Soy Cuba by Vladimir Frumin
Michael Gilliam by John Wyatt
The Roma of Kesan 4 by Raymond van Tassel
I need to scratch by Richard Wilson
Children at the Edge of Time 3 Kalasin by Wayne Kritsberg
Lynn by Jeffery M. Graves
Fruit of the vine by Erika Masterson
Shepherd by Servane Briand
Angel  Gaza City 2000 by Kip Kania
Kaïlann-Muse by Marc-Andre Robert
Untitled 12 Brighton Beach 2003 by John Pohlmann
Ricefield by Servane Briand
Outward Joy by Jon Kolkin
A Sneer for all Seasons by Sydni Indman
Church Committee Meeting by Thomas G. Hocker
Untitled 5 by Christian Nilson
7 lopside by Richard Tucker
Old Man  Honduras 2012 by Billy Weeks