Portraiture / Children

Spring's First Daffodil by Jay Spilker
Childhood #6 by Veronica G. Cardenas-Vento
If Only by Pedro Genaro Rodriguez
Mother and Child by Gordon E. Chait
Time of Absence 7 by David Avila-Canamares
Blue Ribbon by William Bullard
Shoe Shine by Bob Bader
Need by David Ruderman
Zach by Steven Dembo
Plein Air Painter by Bob Johnson
Woman 5 by Enrique Ahumada
Betrayed by Diane Silverman
Emerge 10 by Martha Ketterer
Eye by Peter A. Slevcove
Inverted Monochrome No11-Tel Aviv Israel-2012 by Jack Ronnel
Orphanage. Kharberd by Peter Schon
Ella by Mary Woodman
Chill by Judi Richins
Dad and Daughter by Allan Goodman
David Journeaux by Kathy Roussel
Story Teller by Ethel Kambourian
Smoker 2 by Olivier Borson
Street Sweeper & Passerby by Beverly LaRock
Victoria Park Photo Shoot by John W. Corry
Lambadi by Rao Gobburu
Procession by Larry Risser
Pride by Scott Clarke
Waiting by Darek Solarski
Cold One by Bruce B. Barshop
Children at the Edge of Time 6 Olympia by Wayne Kritsberg
Confrontation by Rosa Calderon
Mya by Richard Douglas
Jacob Marley by Jane Vickers
The Chase by Anne Tapler White