Portraiture / Children

Peace by Lane Simmons
Sana by Ricky Lesser
Bertrand by Marc-Andre Robert
Raquel by Sophie Abbott
DJ JD by Richard Tucker
Proud Village Mother by Anne Tapler White
Chapo by Nathan W. Dean
Hear my Silence by Sandy Olson
Sidewalk by Louis Joyner
Carmel Market Man 1933 by Bob Neiman
Christina at the Gate by Edwin Close
Boys at the Car Show by Bruce B. Barshop
Preparation by Michael Padilla
Coal Miner  Randy by Joel Anderson
White Black and White by Mark Greenland
Child in Fountain #2 by John R. Ziemba
Mia by Jason Jilg
The Pioneer by Charly McConnell
Caugth Knapping by Richard Quesnel
Mommy's Heels by Anya Sergeev
Carmel Market Candy Merchant BW 1890 by Bob Neiman
Untitled 4 by Kenneth C. Evans
Jade with Dark Daylily by Patrisha McLean
Goin' Fishin' by William Stewart
Untitled 9 by Ji Wun Heo
Clayton at the Heartland Cafe by Michael Gaylord James
Children by Leszek Nadbrzezny
The Challenge by Jon Kolkin
Rodeo Clown by Hilary Gaboriau
Untitled 7 by Carmina Bernardo
Portrait 03 by Mike Stern Sterzynski
The Chase by Jay Seldin
Midday by Moira Pernambuco
Before Entering Monastery by Gordon E. Chait