Portraiture / Children

Autoportrait 3 by Richard Neil Tucker
Leah by Evangelina Murray
Fragile by Blair Phillips Friederich
Face - Squares by Carole Usdan
Tourists by Nathan Caplan
TomX 5 by David B. McKay
Rita Tarquini by Irna Jay
Little Man by Ellen Semb Hagen
Drop and Give Me Twwenty by Richard Man
Me and my Brother by Alfredo Matacotta Cordella
Keeping Score by Morrow Jones
Astonished by Sina Sadeghi
Arthur Fiedler by James R. Holland
Biography 2 by Graham Alexander
Umbrella Girl by Ken Oakes
Me¦ürida Cathedral by Sven Martson
Flamenco Dancer #3 by Jill Flyer. www.mexploration.net
Untitled by Rohina Hoffman
Sewing by the Window by Manuel O. Hernandez
Abby with Skateboard by Donna Pinckley
Bowery Flophouse 12-NYC 1974 by John Conn
Duoyi 2 by Rick Kattelmann
Searching by Stan Singer
Shepherd by Martyn Lucas
Self Portrait by Jarret Quinn Hardy
The Kid by Teeun Medas
Untitled 3 by Michael Epps
Cuban by Scott Clarke
Traysi by Natalia Pipkina
Portrait of a Young Woman 3 by Erika N. Haight
Loving Mother by T. G. Wilcox
Cree by Michael Rubin
Touareg Tribesman by Victoria Montoro Zamorano
104 Years by Martin Deben Sanchez