Portraiture / Children

Martina by Laura Rossi
Kids at Surf Play by Sherman Bloom
Smile by Gabriel Stanciu
Praying by Charlotte Spetalen
Jenna by Brenda Lindfors
Atlantic City #3 - Cup by Jeff Wiles
I Still Love You by Herminio Albert
Serious Consideration by Charles Crain
Body Study by Laura Rossi
Barbershop 6 by Rachael Flett
Brothers by Beth Mancuso
Kenneth by Rowan James
In For a While by Sorin Costache
Brothers in Arms by Jeff Wiles
Erica 2 by Danny Gilleland
Paintbrush by Robert 'FERD' Frank
Bruce Cogan by Allen Birnbach
Thinking by Manuel O. Hernandez
Bethan in Rouen by Mark Lacey
Pinhole Portrait by Bob Thomas
Praying At The Kotel 1303 by Bob Neiman
Air by Charlotte Spetalen
Memories by Joel Reinhard
Lighthouse Pete #2 by R.D. Smith
Presence by LeeAnne Mallonee
Cuban Woman by Aaron Marko
Woman on Bus by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
Boys Swimming by Wayne D. Buhr
Enigma by Nathan W. Dean
Padaung Lady by Tim Schweighart
When Day Turns to Night by Francine Douaihy
Welder by Lee Grossman
Lake County Fair Winner by Thomas G. Hocker
Zephyr by Stephanie Lehr