If It Floats Your Boat by Jane Vickers
America-14 by Curtis Salonick
Elutriate by Kathleen Donohoe
Murky by Bruce Rowles
Open Eyes by Susan B. Griffith
Untitled 864 by Carl Rubino
Poles 1 by Erlend Enger
Heavenly Release by Daniel Joder
10 Mirror Memory by Felix Tian
Innocence by Jane Vickers
Ahmee with Horns by Wendy Campbell Smith
Untitled 3 by Gregory Talley
dreaming of the holy spirit by Erika Masterson
The Goddess by Peter Madero III
Between Sea and Sky 6 by Martha Ketterer
Blessing and Protection by Allan R. Lamb
Between Sea and Sky 9 by Martha Ketterer
Feathers in Mass by Gregory Talley
Untitled 10 by Max Sturdivant
Fata Morgana #12 by Mikhail Mamontov
Harlequin  Mosaic III by Dick Nosbisch
Liquid Silver by Diane Kay
Cruisin Snoozer by William West
Ghost Farm by Mickie Rosen
Dream by Wajid Drabu
Melting Tree by Scott Taylor
Sofi Double Vision by Scott Taylor
The Space Between by Lisa Folino
Magnolia by J. Rosenthal and C. Rosenthal
Beauty Is Complicated  #7 by Carole Usdan
Saving Face by Marvin J. Gerstein
Kayla by Peter Charles LaBrosse
Melding by Len Blau
Deja Vu by Urszula Lelen
Untitled 5 by Curtis Salonick
Rose Family by Youngsook Chung Zhang
Nude in the Landscape 3 by Julius Friedman
Untitled-09 by Barbara Warren
Waiting by Bill Jackson
Spectre by Ronald Gratz
As Time Goes By by Jill Flyer
Dive by Steven Stokan
Three Sisters by Bill Jackson
Pain XXXV by Michael Skaggs
Reflect Real Estate by Lilyan Aloma
Nude in the Landscape 2 by Julius Friedman
Expiration Date by Linda Barsotti
The Celebration by Curtis Salonick
Hybrid by Kelly Cioffi
Monks Walking by Eloise Patrick