Reappearance by John Meyering
Tramonto by Eloise Patrick
Solar Soldier by Tom Green
Essence by Dawn Miller
Border by Urszula Lelen
America-12 by Curtis Salonick
2. Trying To Forget What I Cant Remember by Sharon Arnold
America the Beautiful by Dick Nosbisch
Revisit by Peter Slevcove
dead end by Erika Masterson
Projected Image by Dick Nosbisch
Once We Were Here #6 by Kwa Wei Ling
07  Mirror Memory by Felix Tian
The Dream by Allan R. Lamb
Seabird Sanctuary 1 by Mary Woodman
Blessing of Love by Allan R. Lamb
The Escape by Daniel Joder
Elutriate by Kathleen Donohoe
4. First Contralto by Sharon Arnold
11. Cross Your Heart by Sharon Arnold
Untitled 4866 by Carl Rubino
Bliss Dance 1 by Hang Zhang
Goose Moon Rising by Dawn Miller
Untitled 7 by Peter Madero III
Woodlands 2 - The Woods Get Into Your Head by Jon Meyer
Truth is Beauty by Hang Zhang
Fata Morgana #4 by Mikhail Mamontov
An Obsession by Jewel Islam
Self Portrait With Bicycle Wheel 1 by Michael Barath
The Origin 3 by Chi Kwon Choi
Defiance by Jeff Bader
Untitled-02 by Barbara Warren
Yoga by Bruce Rowles
light in darkness by Erika Masterson
The Origin 1 by Chi Kwon Choi
Who Me by Tom Green
She's Leaving by Bruce Rowles
Consume by Daniel Joder
Untitled #6 by Peter Madero III
Clouds 10 by Silvestre Machado
Looking Ahead by Michael Parvin
The Visitor 988 by Carl Rubino
Remembrance by John Meyering
Enhanced Interrogation by Daniel Joder
Departure by Urszula Lelen
Self Portrait 7 by Tatsuro Nishimura
Fata Morgana #2 by Mikhail Mamontov
Untitled 6 by Max Sturdivant
Gift Feathers by Gregory Talley
Abandoned Doll 6 by Susan B. Griffith