America-9 by Curtis Salonick
Abandoned Doll 4 by Susan B. Griffith
6.  Summer Storm by Sharon Arnold
The Visitor 007 by Carl Rubino
Elutriate by Kathleen Donohoe
America-11 by Curtis Salonick
Faces In The Crowd 20 by Carl Rubino
Once We Were Here #5 by Kwa Wei Ling
Eye of the Beholder by Jerry Ranch
The Visitor 984 by Carl Rubino
9. You're Taller Than You Think by Sharon Arnold
Seabird Sanctuary 13 by Mary Woodman
A Hand in Two Worlds by Lisa Folino
Untitled-10 by Barbara Warren
Untitled #2 by Peter Madero III
Stars and Strips by Dick Nosbisch
Holes in the Wall by Lisa Folino
04 Mirror Memory by Felix Tian
In My Analysis I Saw Myself in a Restroom by Jon Meyer
awareness by Erika Masterson
Clouds 19 by Sylvestre Machado
Allegory by Jerry Ranch
Silence by Urszula Lelen
Between Sea and Sky 11 by Martha Ketterer
Untitled 947 by Carl Rubino
06 Mirror Memory by Felix Tian
Love Hurts 4 by Martha Ketterer
Fanfare Symphany by Dick Nosbisch
Silhouettes of Separation by Daniel Joder
Fata Morgana #1 by Mikhail Mamontov
The Origin 2 by Chi Kwon Choi
Untitled 9 by Max Sturdivant
Farm ghosts by Ronald Gratz
Reach by Steven Stokan
Broken Mirror 6 by Manuela Thames
A Soldier's Lot by Daniel Joder
Blessed by Jennifer Vance
Storm by Dawn Miller
Elutriate by Kathleen Donohoe
Untitled 11 by Peter Madero III
Untitled #7 by Peter Madero III
Untitled 4 by Max Sturdivant
Clouds 02 by Sylvestre Machado
Of Men and Women by Daniel Joder
Love Hurts 9 by Martha Ketterer
First Flight by Gregory Talley
Untitled-05 by Barbara Warren
Untitled 861 by Carl Rubino
Untitled 874 by Carl Rubino
Reflect West 42 Street by Lilyan Aloma