Hosta Studies II #3 by Michael J. Carl
Roses by Gregory Talley
Papaya Tree by Youthana Kongsomboon
Submission by Norman Press
White Sobralia by Jaime Santos
Castries by Robert Hopkins
Hidden Window by Sharyl Wielard
Tourists Welcome by Denise Dethlefsen
Riverwalk Meditations 18 by Jason Huntzinger
Canna Leaf by Robert Steffen
Agave No. 2 by Marc Sheridan
Arum Lily by Mark van der Wal
Untitled by Leonard Seeve
Magnolia by Jack Daulton
Echeveria by Brian Grandfield
Emybryonics & Shelfter #2 by Gary Bankzmer
Leaves by Max Patrick Haynes
Taraké Akos 2 by Massimo Badolato
Desert Fire 6 by Steve Burkett
Untitled 1 by Steve Damascus
Palm Frond by Patricia Sweeney
Dumbo by George Saines
Onions by Archie O. Reyes
Untitled 9 by Paul Hulewicz,
The Lotus by Donna Parker
Untitled 1 by James McIntosh
Last Lotus of Summer by Elaine Jones Heron
Purity by Bishop Bastien
Tamarack Twigs and Pitcher Plants by Mat Brutger
Agave Hieroglyph by Robert Schweibert
Reflection by John Kitts
Mushrooms by Margaret Sears Lindley
End of Summer by Dennis Fritsche
Alaskan Fern by Gregory Collins
One by One by Rita Wong
Spring Growth by Kathryn Walczyk
Graphic Plant by Jacob Locker
Cones by GFDS
Sunlight 2-02 by Tatyana Bessmertmaya
Fall from the Series 1 Tree by Dennis Hodges
4. Mystical Nature #2 by Carlos Saavedra
Goji Berries by Jay Bergman
Gentle Curves by Nancy Mack
Claw by Fred Carter
Arlington Leaves by Tom Alvarez
Anomaly 33 by Susan Jacobs
Jade Flower by Howard Grill
Water Lily by Magnus Karlson
Dead by Robert Woodward
Untitled 4 by James McIntosh