Botanica by David E. Wolf
Allium by Gerald Dietrick
Hibiscus by Jay Bergman
Flower by Robert Gillich
Lily of the Valley by Ludmila Espiaube
Sextuplets by Mary Woodman
Shizen-Wa No.1 by Patrick Cicalo
Calla Lilies by Norma P Gerard
Fruit Bowl 1 by Ed Perkins
Anemones by Lisa Haun
Leaves by Fiona Keyes
Iris by Bruce Blum
Suspended by Robin Fader
Spring Trillium by Sandra K. Swanson
Untitled 4 by Richard Gardner
Clean by Shaun Larkin
Untitled 1 by Mark Smith
Leaf Abstract by Richard M. Caplan
Twirly Doodles by Becky Chapman
Meeting a Flower by Linda Elvira Piedra
Flower 1 by William Stewart
Greenhouse 02 by Sophia Koopman
Roots by Mary Woodman
Calla Lilly by Endre Balogh
Carrots by Erik Offerdal
Decayed Time 2 by Steven Crawford
Magnolia by David Bence
Untitled 2 by Anthony Bogucki
Lake Leaf by Mitford A. Fontaine
Leaves with Water by Gary Wagner
Black Leaf 6 by Alan Wood
Labyrinth by Charles Allen Haynes
Acadia 04 Acadia ME 2011 by Drew Harty
Watchtowers by Manuel Jo Monteiro Anjos Pereira
Magnolia by Karen Curran
Pear Blossoms by Sally Reis Vogt
Solice by Robert A. Levine
Decayed Time 8 by Steven Crawford
Lotus Blossom by Rosemary Williams
Looped Kelp by Mark Raymond Mason
Berries by Rosanne Mezio
Nebula by Beamie Young
Roots by Justin Ciccarello
Oyster Mushrooms by Robert Woodward
Sunny Life by Don Bierman
Exposed 02 by Dennis Fritsche
Banana Leaves by Nancy Abens
Fall Foliage 1 by Mitford A. Fontaine
Calla Lily 139 by Jack Challem
In the Shadows by Nancy Mack