Flowers / Plants / Fruits

Stony Kill Farm by Lars Hyttinen
Lips by Dot Radley
Autumn Form III by Shawna Eberle
Crested Dwarf Iris and Star Chickweed by Kyle J. Zeringue
Mexican Agave by James S. Heuer
Acadia 09 Acadia ME 2011 by Drew Harty
Rose 1 by Bob Witkowski
Girl from the North Country (Bob Dylan) by Ernie Flowers
Leaves Overlap by Scott Hoyle
After the Rain by Peter Pusztai
Luminosity by Miranda Chan
Fence by Manh-Thai Nguyen
Acadia 06 Acadia ME 2011 by Drew Harty
calalily by Ella Schreiber
Storm Trees 3 by Philip James Partridge
Agave 5 by John Birchak
Untitled 1 by Herbert Friedman
Frozen maize stalk by Sophia Koopman
Figures and Snow Erron Hill 3 by Lee Herman
Trees That May by Sonja Hall
Contemplation 3 by Eduardo Fujii
Fern Lanterns by Sydni Indman
Hold Me by Eduardo Bermudez
Water Lilies-10 by William L. Witmer
Untitled 2 by Kip Wiley
Awakening by Brent A. Schoenfeld
Irises by Lief Anson Wallace
Untitled 5 by Christine Bentley
5_Prairie Grass_Middleton WI_2010 by Michael Knapstein
Agriport 7 by Linda Koopman
Lily and Stem by Jane Spencer
Island Grasses by Bernard Werner
Botanical Crash Landing by Sydni Indman