September Snow by Jim Nickelson
Reeds In Motion by Karen H. Colbert
Awakening 3 by Ian Shand
Pink Tulip by Jerry Cahak
Floral Fantasy 4 by Barbara Bender
Datura 7 by Janet O'Neal
Untitled 4 by John Pinderhughes
This Leaf by Frank Revi
Echinacia x-ray by A. F. Gill
Cactus Flower by Royden Heays
In the Garden 3 by Marie Jonsson
Wet Leaves by Norman Press
Figurative 10 by Julius Friedman
Amarylis by Scott Prior
Dewy Morn by Dennis Fritsche
Round by Anne De Geer
Untitled;#6 by Archie Hamilton
Jungle by Robert Pollai
Poppy in a Box by Judith Monteferrante
Untitled 3 by Kirsten Hoving
Cactus Nursery by Rick Kattelmann
Untitled 2 by Alfred Ng
Budding Irises by John N. Burnett
The Coil by Jean Lannen
Aloe Rhythms 2 by Mary Goodrich
Alzheimer's Fragments of Memory #6 by Lief Anson Wallace
Untitled 10 by Robert Rohn
Iris 3 by Don Jacobson
Botanicals 3 by Miroslav M. Vrzala
Autumn by Tor Waageng
Over the Edge by John Kiefer
Red Gladiolus 2 by Cherise Moss
Fungi by Jan Wolyniak
Rose No1- 2010 by Barrie Watts
Leaf Series 2317 by Kim A. Holz
Zen Branch by Karen H. Colbert
Dancing Columbine by Sherman Bloom
Purple Swirls by Fee Chin
Sunflower Field by Susan Stone
Fall Fantasy by Marie Sauter
Botanic Dance 7 by Byong-Ho Brad Kim
Mushroom 7 by Carolyn Cogan
The Red Tulip by Judith Monteferrante
Snowbound  Birches by Frank Kaczmarek
3 Mirrored Puddle by Marcia Schulman Martin
Dahlia by Muriel Foster
Intertwining Branches by Patrice Cochran
Siberian Iris by Karen Lynch
Cherry Blossom Festival by Rodney Gene Mahaffey
Ancient Woodlands MCLXVII by Michael Hudson